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What if your partner is bisexual?

                                          Raymon Das Shrestha

Media Personality/Entrepreneur

I think more than gender preferences, it’s the compatibility that matters. Since a lot of people in my friends circle are homosexual and bisexual, I am very open about this and I’ll be fine with my partner being bisexual. I will accept her with all my heart.

Sanjay Gupta


Firstly, I don’t think it’s a big deal if my partner is bisexual and secondly I would honestly be glad that she is well aware of her sexuality and comfortable with it, as we all should be with our own.

Krisha Bajracharya


If I am in a relationship and later I find out my partner is bisexual then I won’t be able to carry on with the relationship. This is because I chose to be with him for what he was, his character, personality and sexuality. Having said that, I am not against the LGBTQ community. For me everyone is equal and I don’t have any right to question anyone’s sexuality.

Muna Gauchan


I think it’s okay to have a different gender preference but I would feel a little intimidated; I will not be able to take the fact that my man likes both men and women. However, I would support him and encourage him to be open about his sexuality. It would be difficult for me to continue the relationship as I am a straight woman but I would make him understand my sexual preference and expect him to respect my choice just the way I respect him.

Amar Shah

Executive Director at KKFC

I would still love my girlfriend the same way if I found out that she is bisexual. Sure, she likes girls, but if she is with me and she wants to be with me, I would never break up. Your sexual orientation does not change the compatibility factor. It is very natural to like two things at once. For example, I love chicken and fish at the same time and I would not give up one for another.

Elena Gurung

Youtuber/ Video Creator

The question is very tough to answer because I am in love with a guy and am very happy with him at the moment. When I think of my partner being bisexual, my mind is blank because I have no idea how I would react. However, I feel that in the end, it’s his life and his right to be happy with a man or a woman. If he confesses he is bisexual I am going to stick by and support him through.