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Feminism The radical notion that women are people

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar, Gokul Shrees, Sabina Mainali

Evana Manandhar
Miss Nepal World 2015

Feminist and the idea of feminism is not just the traditional approach of empowering women rights and issues but also being able to empower yourself in every situation of life. There are many global issues related to protecting feminist rights such as the equal opportunity movement, stop violence against women, trafficking, domestic abuse, infidelity, rape, acid attack and many more globally. Considering all of these issues as crucial problems in today’s day and age, I would like to point out the one that I do consider to be the most valuable feminist issue which is not being able to stand your ground, not being able to say “no” to any sort of emotional or metal abuse.

In the world we live in not all countries have issues related to women rights but mostly in South East Asian region women are not raised to value themselves first before anyone. This is the major problem. We need to be able to respect ourselves first. We have to raise our daughter’s to be not just equal to son’s (professionally and culturally) but be able to transform our values, ethics, morals and never submit to anything that will bring their self-esteem down. Let us pledge to live and raise daughters to be fierce, independent and unapologetic for their identity.

I have been lucky to be raised by wonderful parents who value ethics and morals. I believe feminism must be addressed in one’s home to begin with.