WOW | Best of Me

What Loving Yourself Means…


• Attending to your feelings with compassion. Acknowledge your feelings with consideration and an intent to understand what your feelings are telling you. All your feelings are informational, so it’s important to learn from them rather than ignore them.

• Spending quality time with yourself. Value your identity, rather than attaching your worth to looks or achievements. Listen to yourself, honour your feelings and intuition, and consciously comment on your intrinsic soul qualities — rather than judge yourself. It means defining your worth by your caring, compassion, kindness, curiosity, generosity and so on, rather than by external definitions. When you love yourself, your achievements are an expression of your being rather than a definition of your being.

best-of-me-foto-5• Curtailing self-destructive behaviour or a lack of consideration toward others. Exert appropriate and kind internal discipline — not harming yourself with addictions or acting out towards others.

• Protecting your physical health. Eat well, getting enough exercise, and prioritise sleep.

• Teaching yourself to trust the universe. Learn to connect with your personal source of spiritual guidance so you can receive the comfort and wisdom that is always available to you.

• Protecting your finances. Do all you can to make yourself safe financially — living within your means and not getting into unnecessary debt.

• Treating others as you would like to be treated (and treating yourself that way, too.)