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What makes a marriage work?

In these changing times when almost everything comes with an expiration date including relationships, we ask a few WOW couples what is the secret to making a marriage last.

Abdullah Tuncer – Kececi General Manager of Turkish Airlines Nepal
Filiz Kececi Nurse – IT Supervisor for Hospital Management System


Marriage is not being the other half; it’s two souls becoming one. I believe trust is important in any relationship, most especially in marriages. Without trust, a relationship wouldn’t survive or even last. Secondly, it’s the happy moments you spend with your partner. You should give value to each other’s thoughts. You should be good friends first. Your partner should always be your priority. At the same time, you need to balance it out with your children, parents and relatives.   You should not allow a third person to affect your relationship. There’s nothing more valuable than a smiling partner looking at you with loving eyes.


Life means sharing. A marriage is meaningful with sharing. Sharing happiness together and facing every kind of difficulty together makes a strong marriage. Laugh, cry, think, worry and plan everything together. Trust in a relationship is a must. Creating a lovely family atmosphere for your children makes your marriage stronger. It should not be something that comes as a habit, all the feelings must always come from the heart. Love, friendship, care must always be there. That makes it valuable. Smile with your heart and talk with your eyes when you love someone, and try to understand each other without any words.