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What turns you off in a woman?

Aman-AdhikariAman Pratap Adhikary

Executive Producer, Himalaya Television

I don’t want to ponder over big and sophisticated points such as not being honest, acting jealous, narrow-mindedness and not being real. What irritates me the most is that girls can never really get ready on time.

I am a Film Buff. I make plans on time. I fix my date on time. I buy tickets on time. I call her on time. I tell her to be ready on time. I go to pick her on time but she isn’t ever ready. The waiting is pumping up my pressure every minute. By the time we reach the movie we have missed the first ten minutes. I prefer to enter the hall on time, with a calm head and a neutral mind. But by the time we reach there we have already stopped being cordial. I try to get the gist of the film but it fails me and it has been a complete waste of my time.