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What’s Happening On FRIDAY?

Kathmandu always has a buzz, but Friday nights are when things happen. From weekend getaways to events, music shows, performances and night clubs, things sure amp up on a Friday night. WOW's Anushka Shrestha finds out if and how things have changed between the generational approach to a Friday night.

Mukta & Anushka Shrestha

Anushka Shrestha (Miss Nepal World 2019)

Fridays for me is quite a breath of fresh air as I get to sleep the following two days; I am a big sleepaholic! As I lived in Sydney since I was 18, most of my Friday nights have been with friends with a lot of karaoke, good food and of course, chilling out at home. I like to go to places which are modest where I can sit down with my friends and talk rather than somewhere with extremely loud music. I do visit clubs sometimes but I have an early curfew.

However, I have never been to a club in Nepal as I have a circle of friends who are not really late night party goers. Also when I was abroad, I preferred pubs to clubs. Now since my Miss Nepal training, sometimes I don’t even know which day of the week it is; I am working every day, be it weekdays or the weekend.

Mukta Shrestha (Fashion Designer and Owner of Muku’s Boutique)

I am usually at my store till late evenings on Fridays. There are rare occasions when I get together with friends and go out. Even when I was younger, I never had a wild Friday night. I started working from a very young age, so I used to be very busy on the weekdays. Weekends were more about spending quality time with my family.

If I have to compare then and now, the experience is completely different. Back then, we did not have many dance clubs so people would go to the casino which was never for me. Now I see a lot of new places coming up for youngsters to party. In fact, I see them partying at clubs with their families which is actually amazing. I feel the generation today can incredibly balance their personal, professional and social life.

Sanu & Saruk Tamrakar

Sanu Tamrakar (Film Director)

Our Fridays used to be very relaxing and laid back. Mostly, we used to order food from our favourite restaurant and enjoy it with a movie. Back then we didn’t have many clubs, we used to gather at our favourite kiosk and have drinks and snacks with our close friends. Now, I enjoy Fridays with my family; I still love watching a good movie or a TV show.

 Like everything, the celebration of Friday has changed with time. But I am very happy to see that my children know their limitations while going out.

Saruk Tamrakar (Actor)

I am an ambivert. There are times when I am just at home; I disappear from social media and don’t go out anywhere. Then there are times when I love to party. And when I do, I celebrate with my close family and friends. Also, the way I enjoy Fridays has evolved over time. Before live music used to be the big attraction but now it has been replaced by clubbing. My favourite club right now is Prive Nepal; I have good memories.

Deepak & Dikesh Malhotra

Dikesh Malhotra (President & CEO of IMS Nepal)

Fridays for me have been the usual, going out for dinner followed by clubbing. As I am a regular at most of the clubs in Kathmandu, all of them make sure we have a good time. The drastic change with my Friday nights now is that I don’t drink and drive. Also, it has been a year since I have quit drinking. Adding to this, the time I have to reach home mostly depends on my wife’s mood (laughs).

Deepak Malhotra ( Chairman of IMS Nepal )

We usually spent most of our Fridays dancing the night away at the discos back then. However, Fridays for me was always fun time with my friends. My favourite hangout was the Pumpkin Disco at Everest Hotel.

In our time there used to be a lot of fights, but the generation today knows how to handle their drinks better. Also, our parents were very strict but thankfully I do not need to be so firm with my children as they know their limitations.