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Aries (March 21 − April 20)

Love life: Be patient with your partner as they voice their emotional needs.
Career: Most people at work will respect your innovative and boundless approach.
Health: You may be motivated to take a course or class that teaches you about certain therapies or forms of healing.
Tip of the Month: Watch out for the temporary hitches and hurdles lined your way.
Lucky no.: 17
Lucky colour: Brown

Taurus (April 21 − May 20)

Love life:  This month spells long, passionate lovemaking.
Career: There is an opportunity opening up for career change
Health: Watch your diet
Tip of the Month:Being over-confident may get you into trouble.
Lucky no.: 22
Lucky colour: Red 

Gemini (May 21 − June 21)

Love life: You need to allow communication and conversation to flourish.
Career: Put off any important business decisions for later.
Health: Engage in talk therapy.
Tip of the Month: Get lost in a book.
Lucky no.: 7
Lucky colour: Purple 

Cancer (June 22 − July 22)

Love life: Try to understand your partner before making hasty decisions.
Career: Getting a conflict out in the open will prevent bigger problems later.
Health: Pay attention to your inner voice for general wellbeing
Tip of the Month: Spice up your sex life.
Lucky no.: 25
Lucky colour: Gray

Leo (July 23 − August 22)

Love life: You must be patient with your partner and sort out misunderstandings
Career: Some deals, investments, or plans may be mirages. So examine them carefully.
Health: Spiritual philosophy and healthy eating could be good for you.
Tip of the Month: Strategise your budget effectively.
Lucky no.: 11
Lucky colour: Peach

Virgo (August 23 − September 22)

Love life: You sometimes get frustrated that your partner doesn’t understand you. Talk it out!
Career: Use your competitive energy to your advantage.
Health: Ground yourself with deep breathing exercises.
Tip of the Month: Cooperation is the key.
Lucky no.: 9
Lucky colour: Orange

Libra (September 23 − October 22)

Love life: You are highly attuned to love and physical sensation.So make the most of it
Career: You might be offered a promotion or pay raise.
Health: Meditate for some time every day.
Tip of the Month: Control your temper.
Lucky no.: 24
Lucky colour: Magenta 

Scorpio  (October 23 − November 21)

Love life: You can be cagey about the dating game but thats the only way anyone can know you.
Career: You may chance jobs or career
Health: Get a healthcheckup.
Tip of the Month: Be more productive at work
Lucky no.: 6
Lucky colour: Pink

Sagittarius (November 22 − December 21)

Love life: Plan something romantic for someone you love.
Career: Change your attitude towards your work.
Health: Improve your eating habits.
Tip of the Month: This is a time to stick to tasks that are already planned.
Lucky no.: 13
Lucky colour: Blue 

Capricorn (December 22 − January 20)

Love life: You may face turmoil in your relationship.
Career: Give staff and colleagues needed encouragement. Offering incentives will pay off handsomely.
Health: Find a routine; yoga, running, or pilates.
Tip of the Month: Don’t make any major decisions this month.
Lucky no.: 25
Lucky colour: Green

Aquarius (January 21 − February 19)

Love life: Spend quality time with your sweetheart .
Career: A change in your work environment, job or responsibility is likely.
Health: Fitness is essential to better mental state.
Tip of the Month: Do some planning for the future.
Lucky no.: 4 
Lucky colour: White

Pisces (February 20 − March 20)

Love life: Some exciting cosmic occurrences will take place mid-month.
Career:Take control of a situation involving   money, resources, investment, or property.
Health: You may develop stomach pains, digestive ailments, and other GI troubles.
Tip of the Month: Avoid negative vibes.
Lucky no.: 16
Lucky colour: Yellow

Sweta Rajgarhia is a Fortune Teller specialising in Tarot Card Divinatory Readings founded on the principles of New Age Astrology.