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Aries (March 21 − April 20)
Love life: You will be more ardent and passionate, and your romantic exuberance will inspire your partner to be the same.
Career: New avenues of growth are likely in your career.
Health: Take up a fitness routine.
Tip of the Month:  Practice meditation and breath awareness for a few minutes every day.
Lucky no.: 13
Lucky colour: Gold

Taurus (April 21 − May 20)
Love life: Focus on your dreams and goals.
Career: Take what you do seriously to witness greater progress.
Health: Your current eating habits could lead to health issues.
Tip of the Month: Plan a holiday with a loved one.
Lucky no.:  26
Lucky colour: Grey

Gemini (May 21 − June 21)
Love life: Don’t hold back from expressing yourself to your loved one.
Career: New business ties and associations will be profitable.
Health: Talk through emotional problems instead of just trying to forge through them.
Tip of the Month: Add romance to your life.
Lucky no.: 25
Lucky colour: Red

Cancer (June 22 − July 22)
Love life: Take advantage of the sparks that are flying.
Career: Don’t neglect your financial priorities.
Health: Focus on nutrition and exercise.
Tip of the Month: Stay active on social media.
Lucky no.: 12
Lucky colour: Purple

Leo (July 23 − August 22)
Love life: Do not have high hopes for or from a long-term relationship, it’s a passing phase.
Career: You will rise to a leadership role through a challenging situation.
Health: Stop thinking, start moving.
Tip of the Month: Family first.
Lucky no.:  9
Lucky colour: Pink

Virgo (August 23 − September 22)
Love life: An apparently innocent conversation could be the start of something special.
Career: Time for collaboration and networking.
Health: Join a gym or a fitness class.
Tip of the Month: Take up a hobby.
Lucky no.: 20
Lucky colour: Orange

Libra (September 23 − October 22)
Love life: The month is all about love and romance.
Career: Do not leave assignments incomplete.
Health: Take care of your emotional health.
Tip of the Month: Walking or jogging could serve you well.
Lucky no.: 23
Lucky colour: Magenta

Scorpio (October 23 − November 21)
Love life: Give change a chance.
Career: You will be highlighted at work, just make sure you only stake claim to what you have done.
Health: Your wellbeing should be a priority.
Tip of the Month: make time to listen to music, meditate or the arts.
Lucky no.: 14
Lucky colour: White

Sagittarius  (November 22 − December 21)
Love life: Romance is in the air. Be open to new friendships and relationships.
Career: You excel at conceptualising; new opportunities will come your way.
Health: Avoid processed foods and caffeine. Eat healthy.
Tip of the Month: Go with the flow.
Lucky no.: 21
Lucky colour: Yellow

Capricorn (December 22 − January 20)
Love life: A heart-to-heart talk will be great to clear the air.
Career: Control your career destiny.
Health: Mind body balance is the key to your wellbeing.
Tip of the Month: Talk it out.
Lucky no.: 8
Lucky colour: Green

Aquarius (January 21 − February 19)
Love life: Share your point of view, you will be heard.
Career: Money and successful deals are on the cards.
Health: Follow your intuition to better health.
Tip of the Month:  Learn something new.
Lucky no.: 11
Lucky colour: Brown

Pisces (February 20 − March 20)
Love life:  Try not to bring your work stress and negativity into your relationship.
Career: Be accountable in meeting your work needs.
Health: You may suffer from seasonal allergies. Take care.
Tip of the Month: Laugh more and often!
Lucky no.: 26
Lucky colour: Blue

Sweta Rajgarhia is a Fortune Teller specialising in Tarot Card Divinatory Readings founded on the principles of New Age Astrology.