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What’s your WORD for 2016?

Something that will be your focus to work on throughout the year.

Mannsi Agrawal



Well, honestly Travel shouldn’t be my theme just for 2016. Given a choice, I would make it my ‘theme’ for life! I have an incurable case of wanderlust which has been lying dormant over the last two years. Pregnancy and the birth of my son resulted in me having almost no time or energy to see the world as I’d have liked to. However, this year I aim to get many stamps on my passport. Tickets for the first are already booked, to Mumbai for my brother’s wedding. Apart from that, I plan to take All Girls Trip with my friends and another with my husband and one with my mother (I promised years ago to take her to London in 2016 or 2017) Fingers crossed!

Anudan Jung Rana

CEO, Constellation Pvt Ltd


Anudan-Jung-RanaNot only will it be a theme, but it will be my target. At this current national scenario, the biggest hurdle is to be able to accumulate the necessary basic needs for our daily lives: petrol, diesel, gas, electricity and water. My aim for 2016 will be to be at least 80-90percent self-sufficient and totally independent from relying on the government for any of the basic requirements. By installing a large enough solar solution. I will be able to take care of all my power needs which will also include replacement of cooking gas. I have already adapted cycling to work. All I need to do now is buy an electric vehicle to eliminate the need for petrol. As for water, I will be working on rain water harvesting. So, hopefully by the end of 2016, I can reach my goal and encourage the rest of Kathmandu to do the same.

Dolly-Gurung-YakthumbaDolly Gurung Yakthumba



Since I’m turning 50 next year, for me 50 is most beautiful milestone in life. Armed with all of life’s wisdom, people can still enjoy life to the fullest for many more years to come. Let my wishes be the motivation that make my loved ones look forward to many more decades of smiles and memories. Would love to remind them, that life after turning 50 can truly be a dream come true. Whether it is about ticking off things from the bucket list or spending time with family and grandkids.

Vidusi-RanaVidushi Rana

Managing Director, Zentech International


For me my family and their health, happiness is greater than everything else. This year too, I would wish and pray for the wellbeing of my family.


Saurabh Jyoti

Chairman, Syakar Trading Company


2015 has been one of the most difficult years for us all – personally as well as professionally. Despite natural, economic or political devastations we faced this year, I am still very optimistic and believe that 2016 can turn around the fortunes of our nation as there are tremendous opportunities here. I have high hopes, but hope alone in not enough if we don’t plan and work to meet our objectives. So let’s all put our heads, hands and hearts together and work honestly to fulfil our duties so that we can overcome all adversities and make 2016 a peaceful and prosperous year.

astha-pokhrelAastha Pokharel



This year I will try hard to keep things simple. Do away with any excess and stress that I do not need. Prioritise my goals and not spend energy on things that doesn’t make my heart happy. Live and eat simply, do what I need to, with mindfulness and grace. Try not to complain and practice more gratefulness. Revel in simple joys and human relationships.


Prinsha Shrestha



My theme this year is ‘I’. I have realised the importance of loving oneself before anything, so I will try to value myself more than I usually do. Do for others, but in the process, not to forget myself either, would be the major motto for this year!

Sambridhi-RijalSambridhi Rijal

Media Person


Discontent is the principal necessity of positive growth, but only if you do something constructive with it, without deviation from what you’ve been doing, progress is not possible. So my main theme for 2016 will be change, a change that’s positive. I want to embrace the necessary changes that can move me forward in the right direction.
As it’s said, happiness is not a goal, it’s the result of a life well lived. And to effectively move away from an unfavourable situation, you must decide exactly where you wish to go. So I want to learn good things, adopt change which can move me in a better direction, and live a happy life.
I am thinking to go beyond my discontent for what is, and instead focus on imagining and creating the best of what’s possible. With positive change I can clearly know where I wish to go, and then take the first real step that can get me there for a beautiful life.

Rohit-John-ChettriRohit John Chettri


New Beginning

New Year is a good time to make a good start. Since, I have just launched my first album this year, but could not promote it due to the current situation in our country, I am looking forward to start this New Year by sharing my newly released album as a gift for everyone.

Laksh-sherpaLaksh Sherpa

Accountant, ITC University of Twente, Enschede Netherland


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle
2016 will herald my pilgrimage to that mysterious place that we avoid the most and understand the least, our “self”. Reaching inside of myself to discover my personal resources will enable me to be the interior designer of myself. It will be all about the inner space of the mind. At this point in my life there is nothing more important than my realisation of the “self” and this is not a spiritual reference! Practical and the realistic is the idea.
The “self” where everything begins and everything ends. The “self” that cannot be found or lost. And ever changing and evolving that can only be created and manifested. We are fundamentally who we create our self to be and all materialises in our life is the result, for the most part of our own making. There is only one space in the universe that we can be absolutely and undoubtedly certain of improving, our own “self”. The rest is irrelevant!
So here, I come 2016, on this delightful path to self- discovery.

Bidhata-KCBidhata KC



Because I like to explore new techniques and mediums to create something new… and to do that, I need to put my head in an artist-work-mode all throughout the year. Hopefully, you will see more from me this year.


Senju Maden

Senior Representative, Ncell


For this New Year my theme will be to “Explore”. The past year has made me realise that life is full of uncertainties and you cannot take full control of all the events happening. But what you can do is make the most of every moment. I want to explore and make use of all the opportunities in 2016. I hope to explore new frontiers – places, cuisine, relationships and keep my family and friends closer.

Evana-ManandharEvana Manandhar

Miss Nepal World 2015


I am a woman who loves challenges and am a risk taker. I feel competition is what I aspire for. So, 2016 is for me a competition to excel in multiple aspects and show my ability to multitask. My mission is to always be an innovative thinker. I want to be the one who brings change in the society and keep a legacy among the youth, to continue to be a role model and a role entrepreneur. One of the major themes is to dedicate myself to continue my Beauty with Purpose 2015 “Travel for Relief”.

Pravin-NepalDr Pravin Nepal

Orthopedic Surgeon, Norvic Hospital


This year too my prime focus will be my work. Because I believe that if you work hard and love your work it gives you satisfaction. I will focus on my career to take it to the next level. Hard work always pays at the end. This ultimately leads to a happy and prosperous life.


Sharu-Joshi-ShresthaSharu Joshi Shrestha

Programme Specialist, UN Women


As someone working for women empowerment for more than 20 years, my motto in 2016 is to encourage as many ‘men’ and ‘women’ as possible to step up and
do their bit to build a better world for women and girls. A recent finding from a global review on the progress of  women stated that none of the countries have achieved gender equality till date. It also pointed out that if the work on gender equality continues at the current pace, it will take another 50 years to bring women and men on equal footing at the decision making level. Plus, it will take another 80 years to empower women economically. So I would like to work with more men from private sector, academics, civil society and media. It is time for all the he’s and she’s to step up and say “No more statuesque, we need concrete changes in the lives of women and girls!

NikhilNikhil Tuladhar

Marketing Manager, Index Furniture


This year my goal is become healthy. This includes eating healthier meals and increasing my fitness level. In Nepal, it is relatively easy to get involved in outdoor sports like cycling, futsal etc to maintain our fitness level. However, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet with all the social obligations. Hence, my focus will be to maintain a healthy diet at least during the times I eat at home.