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When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

It’s probably one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your pet’s life should your put your ailing pet to sleep? A little preparation and emotional support can help you make the right choice and cope with your decision.

Euthanasia is a method of humanely and quietly inducing death of a pet. While euthanasia can help put an end to your pet’s pain and suffering, deciding when your pet is ready to be put to sleep may be one of the hardest decisions you will make.

Sometimes a sudden illness, accident or pet health emergency requires your previously healthy pet to be put to sleep without warning. At other times, you will sense and your vet may be able to confirm that the end of your pet’s life is near.

When your pet’s end of life seems more imminent, some of the decision you might want to consider are:

Your role:  Do you stay with your pet through the euthanasia? Do you want to say good bye to your pet and then leave? Do you want to view your pet’s body? Do you want your children to be involved?

Your pet’s final resting place: You may be able to decide between a burial or cremation. Normally in Nepal pet owners prefer burial.

Postmortem exam: You may decide to have a postmortem exam performed on your pet to determine the cause of illness.

When you know it’s time:

You know your pet best, and you may be the first to pick up on some of the following clues that your pet’s end of life could be approaching:

Your pet is acting reclusive and antisocial.

  • Your pet will not eat
  • Pain or discomfort is consuming your pet
  • Your pet seems unresponsive
  • Other reasons a pet might be put to sleep include critical injury or when a pet has become violent or dangerous. If you are in any of these circumstances, talk with your vet, friends and family. While your pet’s condition and changes for recovery.

Saying goodbye to your pet:

Once you have decided to put your pet to sleep, the following action may help you cope with your loss:

Say goodbye – Before your pet’s to sleep, gather your family members to spend time with and say goodbye to your pet, if possible. Saying goodbye can be difficult, but it can help you come to peace with your decision.

Honor your pet- In addition to cherishing memories of the times you spend with your pet and relationship you had, it may help to establish some type of memorial of your pet. Like making a scrapbook of pictures and memories, writing an obituary, planning a memorial tree, contribution to or volunteering at a charity in your pet’s name.

Deciding to end a beloved pet’s life is a very hard decision to make, but knowing that you have taken your pet’s welfare into consideration is comforting and a humane way to honor your pet’s life.

Dr Sharad Singh Yadav is the Chairman of Advanced Pet Hospital & Research Centre which is open 24 hours throughout the year and located in Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu. He may be contacted on tel: 4422855 or email: aphktm@gmail.com