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When women dress provocatively and complain about creepy men checking them out

Ayush-ShresthaAyush Shrestha

Communications Coordinator, Search for Common Ground – Nepal
It is vice-versa for me. I get bothered and extremely irritated when men look at women in the most peevish way possible. The judgment around women’s dress is nothing but chauvinism in action. For men to be provoked by a woman’s dressing sense establishes the fact that these men have nothing important to do, or they have no control over their desire. Most importantly, their respect level for women is nil. I have a sister and she narrates the way people look at her at times. She dresses up fashionably, and so do I. My body hugging tux is never an issue, but her body hugging evening wear grabs eyeballs. It is the way the society looks at women. The debate around provocative dressing sense is a sign of a regressive society. I have always pondered upon this question; ‘dignity’ cannot be established by the way people dress. No one wants to jeopardize their identity, and everyone has the right to present it the way they want – there shouldn’t be a debate about personal choices!

Shreejan-Manandhar_MG_1262_Post-Photo---Rukesh-ShresthaShrizan Manandhar

Airline pilot/ First Officer, Goma Air
No, I personally feel that women are entitled to dress as they choose without being judged. The idea of ‘provocative dressing’ is very subjective and quite frankly I do not see why someone’s choice of clothes should provoke a reaction or draw unnecessary attention. There is something fundamentally wrong with our society if a woman cannot feel safe and is judged upon just because of her choice of clothes, and it is more wrong to label (directly or indirectly) that as a need for attention. I do not see why men would want to check someone out to the point of being perceived as acting creepy and any woman has every right complain if she is made to feel this way. If a man can dress as he pleases without being judged a woman is entitled to do the same without being made to feel uncomfortable.

Ashish Goyal

Director, Mittal Food Industries

It does not bother me that women dress provocatively or complain about creepy men checking them out. Women have the right to wear anything they are comfortable in but it does not mean that men can stare at them creepily and make them uncomfortable. With due respect, women also have to accept that men look at women. It is in a man’s nature.





Sushant Magar

Sushant-Magar_MG_1280_Post-Photo---Aabhas-ShresthaNo, it does not bother me when something like that happens but I just think they should know it comes with the territory. Women love to be appreciated but they don’t want to be disrespected. That’s the fine line a guy has to walk. Men and women both dress up to feel and look good. Dressing up should be more about comfort and confidence than just getting attention. A woman has the right to dress herself the way she pleases provided it is situation appropriate. If you carry yourself well, then you have all the right to be complimented and no disrespectful comments should be entertained. But if you dress up provocatively, which again is subjective, just to grab attention, comments are likely to head your way. I’m sure women get annoyed by all the creepy guys out there and their creepy comments; but that’s something hardly in our control. Hopefully, with each generation there will be fewer creeps. What we need here and have always needed is a clear conscience and respect for one another.

Sajan Krishna Shrestha

Bank Manager, Shrangrila Development Bank
Sajan-Krishna-ShresthaIt is contradictory that the ratio of women in the entire world is almost 51 percent – the female population covers half the world – yet suppression of females is still going on. On one hand, there are cases of physical violence by their male counterparts and on the other, they are harassed in complicated ways. I say that lurking eyes act as spiritual rapists. However, it is not only men who are to be blamed. Some researchers have richly claimed that sometimes certain types of clothes are specifically worn by women to lure men to act upon them. Women need to be sufficiently sensitive and concerned regarding the attire they wear, also taking into consideration whether they are actually comfortable in it or not.