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When you are blessed with everything in life what you’ll do?

By: Sonu Yonjan

Cast: Ramesh Upreti, Deepika Prasain, Prashant Tamrakar, Keki Adhikary
Director: Diwakar Bhattarai

Aishwarya is produced by Ramesh Upreti who is also playing the role of a business tycoon in the film written and directed by Diwakar Bhattarai. Deepika Prasain a debutante, Prashant Tamrakar and Keki Adhikari are the principal characters of the movie. The fragrance of Aishwarya has swiftly spread in short period of time with music from the movie already hitting the FM’s charts. The film is co produced by Arjun Shrestha and Nirmal Sharma.

WOW met Aishwarya’s leading character and the film’s director to learn more about the film, the characters, and insight into their own personality. Excerpts:

Could you tell us a little about the character you play in the movie Aishwarya?

Prashant: I am playing the character of Raghav who is very sharp minded business man. He is a central character who is highly ambitious and portrays the role of an antagonist.
Deepika: I am a supermodel in the movie. And to know more you have to watch the movie. I am not revealing… (laughs)
Ramesh: My role in the movie which releases on October 26 is that of a business tycoon who is very successful in his career but somehow feels empty in life. The character I portray has different shades in the movie. As the story progresses, audiences will see a flamboyant personality who is also reserved and shy but can be also tough and aggressive.

What does acting mean to you?

Prashant: Acting is not an easy job for me. Acting is portraying a different character in film … its fun but also very challenging!
Deepika: For me acting is to be able to bring out the best in me!
Ramesh: Acting is my passion and means everything to me. I was just 19 years old when I entered the industry. Acting gives me meaning in life.

How would you rate yourself as an actor?

Prashant: It’s very difficult to justify myself… For an actor, when the audience accepts you it is actually an award. Right now I am focusing on my work and leave the judging to the audiences and the media! I have done my best, But I am yet learning and growing. I hope people will love my character in movie!
Deepika: This is just a beginning. Aishwarya is my debut movie. I cannot rate myself right now. With time people will do that.
Ramesh: I would rate myself five out of ten as an actor (laughs) because I feel I have yet to master my craft. However I will continue to grow and set higher goals.

What inspires you in your work?

Prashant: Many things inspire me. My source of inspiration comes from various characters… we can’t live for forever so capturing the moment through film is an amazing thing and that is my driving force!
Deepika: the love from fans and audiences inspires me to do better.
Ramesh: Inspiration for my work comes from the love of my fans. They have always given me encouragement, shown constant support for my work since my first movie. Even when I had stopped doing films for almost nine years, their comments and messages sent to me through social media was the sole driving force behind my work. I am really blessed and honoured to be part of our Nepali film industry.

Can an actor sustain a livelihood through films alone?

Prashant: Our industry is gradually growing. Some of the actors are sustaining their livelihood through acting as a sole career, but it’s hard in the long term. I would say it’s still hard to make a full time career of acting in the current scenario.
Deepika: This is really a serious question to answer and I along with many actors would say ‘No’. We are not paid well. It is a huge problem and a big obstacle for all of us. Though comparatively the situation nowadays is improving but still an actor cannot make acting a full time profession for a living!
Ramesh: Yes. I do believe it is pretty good. Acting is also more than just the money; the ultimate goal is to entertain fans and supporters.

What challenges you in your profession? And what’s the best thing about it?

Prashant: When there are a lot of expectations from you, I feel challenged that they want me to do more, go beyond what I am. I think expectations bring challenges. Acting is challenging task… and I love it!
Deepika: Fear of just vanishing without giving major hits. (Hmmm…) Best thing is appreciation, love, respect of fans!
Ramesh: It is always a challenge trying to portray different roles. Then again, if you are a good actor these challenges make you work twice as hard to accomplish them. In the end, it feels wonderful to look back at all the days of hard work and travelling to complete a shoot which eventually pays off with success.

A dream role…

Prashant: I don’t have a dream role right now… any role that comes to is a dream role for me at this time!
Deepika: As an artist I would say there is no dream role. There is always your role which has the possibility of audiences making it a dream.
Ramesh: There is a movie in Hollywood called John Wick played by Keanu Reeves. I would love to play a role like that. I really enjoyed watching the way he sacrificed his life to get revenge for the love of his life.

In Conversation With The Director, Diwakar Bhattarai

What inspired you to make this film?

Aishwarya is all about human emotions where everyone wants to be happy and live a lavish lifestyle but to get all these things in life people struggle through their life. In short, when you are blessed with everything in life what you’ll do?

What are some of the challenges of film direction in Nepal?

Unprofessionalism. This is a challenge I guess every director faces in Nepal.

If you had complete freedom to make a film, including no financial constraints, what genre of film would you make?

I would make a love story. I feel I can really take this genre to another level. I am so inspired and touched by beautiful love stories like Muna Madan and Romeo & Juliet.

What makes a film great for you?

Vision, presentation, budget and teamwork.

What do the Nepali audiences want?

Entertainment. A good message after seeing the film and feeling that the money they spent on watching the film is worth it!

Do you think we are making great films today?

We are trying. Learning is a lifelong process. We learn and try and vice versa. But looking back to the previous times, we have come far.

Who is your favourite Nepali actor?

Undoubtedly Bhuwan KC, the evergreen hero. I have worked with him and know him very well. He never fails to impress me.

What is a recipe for success for a Nepali movie?

A recipe of a movie that becomes a hit I guess is unknown (laughs). But the most deciding factor is ENTERTAINMENT!