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Why Do People Fear Ageing?

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees

Rupy Singh
Founder-Director, Rupy’s International School

Ageing is a progressive process of life. As soon as we come to this world, the counting starts. Parents celebrate the first month, the second month, teething, talking, walking first steps, running, first spoken words, etc. So, ageing is celebrated happily till 50 years. And then the fear of getting old is usually felt as the health, body immunity, and other challenging factors of survival struggles catch up. Emotion is another aspect that causes suffering, this affects the health and the mind. Thus if we learn early in age how to handle these situations and face them with grace and poise, we would suffer less.

Life is not easy. So accept challenges as they come; then solve, resolve and carry on. Thus, the mantra of living life well is meditation, good health, and happiness, kindness, compassion, and foremost love.

Do I fear to age? This thought has never crossed my mind. I am focused on keeping good health by eating a balanced diet and doing daily exercise along with maintaining healthy family bonds, having sincere loyal friends, keeping a busy life with social work, social life, travelling, sports, etc. Involving in religious practice also gives me the strength to face adversities in life.

Acceptance of age and ultimate death helps ones’ mind not to fear but go along with it. So, I do not fear age, it has to come and I am prepared for it. And if any untoward accident happens (God Forbid) which impairs any part of my body I pray to God to give me the strength to tackle it diligently.

I believe in the famous saying “A man is as young as he feels and woman is as young as she looks.” So, fear not the inevitable, just attain it. I suggest to acquire a healthy lifestyle and think that age gives you dignity and grace. In short, take pride in ageing.