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Why Do People Fear Ageing?

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees

Sneh Rana
Professional Makeup Artist

When something is inevitable we need to process and accept it. Ageing is the process of life, we can either stress ourselves by trying to stall the eventuality or we can embrace it and do the best to live a happy and fruitful life.
Beauty is not only limited to the skin rather, it is more about what you feel inside and that is reflected in a person’s face. Every line on our face tells a story of love, happiness, struggle, sadness, euphoria, and experience.

Someone once told me that as we grow older, our inside status is reflected in our personality. And that stands true for many people. Some people grow better with age like fine wine while some do not. So, if you are physically healthy, emotionally stable and mentally positive, I feel ageing is not scary at all. So enjoy your journey: be happy, love intensely, eat healthy and most importantly, be good since it is goodness and positivity that will ensure your true beauty even when your body has given away.