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Woman to Watch 2016

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita

Leading a movement, challenging beliefs, living with passion and purpose, learning and growing, wow presents women to watch 2016. Independent, confident, happy – they are conquering their fields with panache and quiet strength. In a month that celebrates women, wow celebrates their spirit, dedication and achievement.



Being raised in the gateway of Mount Everest, Lukla, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita spent most of her childhood dreaming about scaling the highest mountain in the world. Call it luck or determination, the adventurer got the chance to train for mountaineering at a time when no women had taken it up professionally in Nepal. She went on to become Nepal’s first female mountaineering instructor. Now she guides not only in Nepal but also in USA and South America. Having lost both parents when she was 15, Pasang was left to care for her six-year-old sister. She not only overcame her challenges, she went on to receive the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year People Choice Award 2015/ 16.

women-to-watch-pasang-lhamu-sherpa1I am proud to be a woman because…

I think we are able to love passionately. Women are the full source of love.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

It is our conservative way of perceiving women and underestimating their capabilities.

Biggest challenge for the next generation women

I honestly believe rather than challenges, there are more opportunities for them.

One act of change…


Best advice you have ever been given

Believe in yourself. Focus on your aim.