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Woman to watch 2016

Rojina Bajracharya

Javascript Developer, Zyoba Labs


A star student, female programmer and inspired being are some words to describe this young achiever. Having won the Toptal Global competition for her work in her organisation – Girls In Technology – Rojina Bajracharya challenges the stereotypical thinking that women and technology do not fit. Her efforts to motivate girls to be part of this field also gave her the opportunity to visit New York and be interviewed by notable news hubs like Huffington Post and The Mary Sue.

I am proud to be woman because…

As a girl, I feel proud to deal with the various responsibilities of life while simultaneously dealing with the social pressures we have to face.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

Men and women make equal leaders however women sometimes due to societal pressures are afraid to voice their opinion. We need to stop being scared of being judged and take leadership. We need to turn a deaf ear to condescending comments about woman and work towards achieving what we desire.

women-to-watch-Rojina-Bajracharya1Woman of inspiration

My mother is my greatest inspiration, the way she has handled everything at home, social aspects of life, family and the whole community is really admirable. She has inspired me to face difficult situations in my life with patience which has helped me every time.

Biggest challenge for the next generation women

Being in the tech background, I say the biggest challenge for generations of women behind me would be to run along with the growing pace of technology. The world is now slowly shifting into an era of artificial intelligence. Now, women need to embrace technology and study it more deeply. They need to believe in themselves… that they too are capable of becoming great IT professionals. An act of change carried out by one person will and can set of a change reaction encouraging more women to be a part of IT.

Best advice you have ever been given

The best advice was given to me by my mother. She says “Be neutral in every phase of life”. This advice has helped me maintain calm in my life and made me more focused on my ambitions, instead of getting distracted with outside opinions and environment.