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Women & Films On Digital Platforms

Text: Anushka Shrestha

Riyasha Dahal

For the longest of time, majority of mainstream Nepali entertainment content seems to be outdated. The individual experiences have become so diverse that there’s a need for assortment in the content we consume. While many music artistes seem to understand what audiences are looking for and follow through, the wide range of filmmakers still struggle with producing content which appeals to multi-layer hierarchical strata of Nepalese audience and their entertainment needs.

I believe the existing trend of theatre going experience doesn’t incorporate the silent demographic majority of Nepalese audience who are relentlessly looking for genuine entertainment. However, if we discuss the present media marketing, digital films and web series seem to have their place in the sun and they are embracing the wider range of audience while resonating with their individual demands.

The sort of biasness in content where majority of filmmakers indoctrinate stereotypical movies where every hero is born with some superhuman ability should be sidelined and a new dawn of movies with endless comparability which people can relate to in their actual lives should be encouraged.

With the introduction of digital medium, filmmakers have the freedom to perfectly shape their vision and cater to the audiences where we could pick movies according to our taste from the buffet. Ultimately oils down to incremental stance of viewership like never before.