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empowHER – Chhiring Yangjum

Chhiring Yangjum

Chhiring Yangjum is the Project Coordinator for Ujyalo Foundation since July 2015 and Business Development Officer at Shambala Art & Incenses. She enjoys public relations, teamwork, organisational management and critical thinking. Adapting to new environments and delivering on expectations are her key strengths, she shares. Besides work, she enjoys travelling, crafts, cooking and gardening.

EmpowHER is an annual leadership program for young women organised by Ujyalo Foundation and was held this year for the second time. WOW spoke with Chhiring Yangjum who played a critical role in executing the program with the singular focus of expanding the leadership abilities of this year’s cohort and helping the young women participants recognise and refine their key strengths. Excerpts:

How is this year’s cohort different from the last one?
In this year’s cohort we have a more diversified group of participants. We have diversity in their age group, their field of specialisation and their ideas itself. This year’s participants have been carefully handpicked by our distinguish jury members through a strict selection criteria. They have got more exposure to learning through mentorship, community visits and group activities. This year’s cohorts are full of passion and energy. They know what they are doing and what they want to do.

What are some of the challenges in executing this program?
Practicing leadership is not easy, being a women and practicing leadership is even more challenging. Breaking the stereotype and bringing more young women leaders to the forefront remains a key challenge. The program is designed to provide a safe space for young women to practice leadership, but the continuity after the program is what we need to further work on. Our program believes in creating change makers which is not just a title we give them on completion of the program, it’s a vision in creating impact and uplifting the status of marginalised women through our changemakers.

What changes do you see in the participants?
We can proudly say that we have been successful in providing a strong foundation for them. There is clear growth in their confidence levels, their ability in being able to see things in a larger frame and the networking. They have become wiser and started relating situations with their learning from the program. They are ready to shine and take forward the program vision.

Future plans for EmpowHER
Our vision for the coming year is getting bigger and stronger. We are including more community learning, focusing on value and ethics, and on challenges and sustainability of the ideas that comes into our program. EmpowHER looks forward to having more young women join the program next year.