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Women to Watch – 2016

Bhintuna “Jya-Poo”

Founder/Proprietor / Product Designer, Bhav Products & Stationery Udhyog


Necessity is the mother of invention. This holds true, especially for Bhintuna. A stationery lover, collector and a freelance graphic designer, she was disappointed with the stationery that was being produced and available in Nepal and was forced to compromise on overall variety, design, and quality. When she couldn’t find a single proper planner book, she made her own by combining three notebooks. It was the immense amount of attention she got for her customised planner cum notebook that gave birth to Bhav Products in 2014. Forward two years and it is a popular Nepali stationery brand. Bhintuna extracts satisfaction in personalisation of customer needs and the accolades follow.

I am proud to be a woman because…

As a woman, I think if there is anything that I am proud of, it is the heritage of women who have given me my history like my mother and grandmothers who have inspired me to be a compassionate human being.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

Society’s assumption that a woman is not capable of leadership due to the roles she has to perform at home and work. Also her own misconception that she can’t compete in a man’s world.

Woman of inspiration

It would be my mother, Mrs. Jamuna Rana “Jya-Poo”. She was born and raised in a village in Bishwokharka Deurali, Gulmi in a Magar family. Among seven siblings, she is the only one who completed her education. She had to walk hours to reach her school. She constantly struggled and pursued nursing. I’ve seen her work hard day and night. Now she is enjoying her retirement. Her struggle, determination, hard work, friendly and helpful nature has always inspired me.

women-to-watch-Bhintuna1Biggest challenge for the next generation women

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for every generation of women or men will be to struggle to break the stereotype their society has established.

One act of change…

I strongly believe that education doesn’t only mean good grades and university degrees. One should be skilful and adaptable. There are other ways to learn and express. Hence, my friend Dipti from A Tiny Little Perspective (ATLP) and I are trying to encourage this idea through Naulo, a collaborative initiative of Bhav Products and ATLP where we provide a theme and participants can send their interpretations in any form (write, draw or both) possible. The winner gets goodies that we put together. Thankfully, the response has been overwhelming.
Even though it is a small step, a short, monthly event, it has provided a platform and has become a creative outlet for people who want to express their thoughts and interpretations.

Best advice you have ever been given

In my childhood, my father Prof. Govind N. “Jya-Poo” repeatedly said, “Khana sache arulai, kam sache afailai.” Translating, if you save your meal, it will be for others to eat, but if you postpone your work, it will be a burden for you as no one will do it for you. You have to do it. It means – do not procrastinate, stay disciplined and work hard. Since then, it has been my mantra.

Being a woman…

Honestly, being born as a daughter in my family has been the best part. My sister and I have never been discouraged to pursue any of our interests. My parents have always encouraged all my plans, ideas and actions without any issue of gender roles and expectations. For me, the best part of being a woman is to be able to make decisions for myself and having complete support (with helpful suggestions) from my family.
I feel lucky that I haven’t experienced any discrimination for being a woman. I have been raised by very supportive parents who never made us feel inferior just because we are daughters. My mother was raised in a rural area but she has always been independent and does not want us to miss out on any opportunities. It might sound lame but the best part is to be daughter of my parents.