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Women to watch – 2016

Samriddhi Rai

Singer/ Songwriter/ Freelance Journalist


From heading various editorial teams in several media houses to winning beauty pageants to playing national-level basketball to even recording a music album. You name it, Samriddhi Rai has done it! The multi-talented girl strives to reinvent herself in every mode of her life. She is soon launching a YouTube travel series of her own. The first of the series will be adventure-based which will find her taking her audience through Nepal indulging in some of the craziest adventure sports the country has to offer. It was done with a motive to revitalise Nepali tourism that went dry post-quake. This year, Samriddhi will be globe-trotting to perform in a number of concerts as well as launching her debut album. 2016 is looking to be an exciting year for this WOW girl.

I am proud to be a woman because…

For us young and urban women, there is a thin line between gender-based advantages or disadvantages as what men are achieving today, so are women. But the one thing, all women can take immense pride in is the fact that Mother Nature trusted us with the duty to inhabit, give birth and continue the human race. Of course, it cannot be done without the help of our male counterparts, which I think is Mother Nature’s way of hinting that both genders will always need the other to move ahead in life and in this world.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

The patriarchal mindset. Worse off is when even women observe and embrace this patriarchal way of thinking. Hopefully, the generation to follow will realise that one’s gender is never to be credited or blamed for achieving or failing anything in life.

women-to-watch-Samriddhi-Rai1Woman of inspiration

Can I go a little clichéd on this one and say that it’s my mum! She is the first woman in whom I sought comfort in, and the first one I modelled myself to be like. Like everyone’s mother perhaps, she is the epitome of kindness, love, sacrifice, and strength for me, and if I can become even half the woman my mum is, I would consider myself successful in life.

Biggest challenge for the next generation women

Hopefully, the generation of women to come will see a much fairer world when it comes to gender-based biases. The challenge will still, however, be to first see themselves not playing the ‘woman card’ and see themselves as capable human beings ready to take on the world before anything else.

One act of change…

I have always been a very patriotic person, but not in the psychotic way though. I know I still am a citizen of the world and love and respect all countries. But the love for my country has driven me to do many things in life, like representing Nepal in various international platforms. This year too, I will be introducing, through my travel series, a very different Nepal – an exciting, young and adventurous Nepal to the world. I am absolutely looking forward to it. If all goes well, this will be a major contribution to the world, on behalf of all Nepali youngsters, to persuade them to come visit our one-of-a-kind, gorgeous nation—I am hoping that it will make a real difference.

Best advice you have ever been given.

Listen to the critics, the bullies, the rivals—but do what you feel like, anyway.

Greatest fulfilment

I find fulfilment in the littlest of things I do in my everyday life, but the greatest satisfaction has to be the time when I first won an International Title for Nepal at Miss Tourism Queen Pageant in China and also the time when I first released my debut single. These were things I dreamt of achieving as a kid, and it had finally materialised for real!

Best part of being a woman…

It has to be the privilege of being the woman that I am today—at par with my men counterparts, doing things and living a life exactly the way I want.