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Women to Watch – 2016

Aayusha Shrestha

Graphic/ Jewellery Designer, AAMO by Aayusha Shrestha


Wanting to do something different with design, Aayusha Shrestha, jewellery designer and owner of AAMO, has made a conscious effort to reflect her roots through her collection. Taking Nepali craftsmanship’s to new heights, her products are made using traditional methods and are a narrative of Nepal’s rich culture and heritage. With only six months into the business, AAMO is already making waves.

I am proud to be a woman because…

The very fact that I am a woman and very comfortable in my own skin.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

Opportunities. Contextually speaking, almost all the economy around the world are male dominated. Although this has been changing in past few years, the process, especially in Nepal, has been painfully slow. Not enough opportunities are given to women. Women are constantly judged on the basis of their gender rather than their skills or qualifications. Also, as women, we need to stop judging and putting limitations on ourselves because of our gender.

Woman of inspiration

When you have Barsha Shrestha (Banker) as your mum, inspiration is always at home. I’ve grown up watching her fulfil each of her roles with absolute determination, honesty and not to forget, grace. She stands her ground in what she believes is right and has always, with sheer clarity, supported me, my brother and anyone around her to do their best. Most of all, I respect her ability to treat everyone as an equal. Nonetheless, I have to admit I am fortunate to belong to a family where women are fighters and strong willed. Be it my cousins, aunts, sisters-in-law, my grandmothers or even my friends. I’ve seen them all fight their battles and never once give up.

women-to-watch-Ayusha-Shrestha1Biggest challenge for the next generation women

I am very concerned that apart from the limitations that the society puts on women, women themselves will accept these limitations and restrict themselves, because of which their individuality may not shine as there are always predefined roles and expectations imposed on them by family and most largely the society.

Best advice you have ever been given

The best advice I’ve given ‘myself’ is to be absolutely true to myself. Always.

Greatest fulfillment

The fact that I decided to switch my career and start from scratch in the field of art and design has so far been a growing and fulfilling experience.

Things you do for fun

Real ‘fun’ for me is getting to have raw, unpretentious conversations with genuine people who have passion for life and their work.

BEST part of being a woman…

The best part is being a woman! Apart from that, my answer is going to be human- centric rather than gender based. Being a human means we are the most evolved beings making us responsible for our decisions and as enormous as it sounds, for the Earth too. Hence, it’s about time we consciously reflect upon our choices.