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Women to Watch – 2016

Kamala Shrestha

Newsreader, Himalaya Television/ Radio Presenter, Radio Reeyaz/ Singer


12. That was the age Kamala Shrestha lost both her hands and a leg to a life altering accident. She was electrocuted after getting in contact with an 11,000 watt high tension tower while trying to get a kite off of it with an iron rod. Being surrounded by supportive and caring family helped her overcome the difficult years. Giving up school was not easy either. However, the brave Kamala has fought against all odds and her achievements make her an epitome of endless inspirations. She turned a new leaf starting with singing lessons which helped release her first album, Kamalo Sapana. Now with prosthetic limbs, not only does she run a radio show about people with disabilities, she also reads news on national television.

I am proud to be a woman because…

I am actually in love with the fact that I am a woman. A mother is foremost a woman. And women are great and resilient by nature.

women-to-watch-Kamala-Shrestha1Most significant barrier to female leadership

Although it is comparatively lesser than before, there are still many cases of violence happening against women in the country. Our society has the misconception that women are not capable enough of taking on responsibilities as a leader. Even after getting married, wives cannot make decisions without their husbands’ consent. And then there are people who are not supportive of working women. I really believe we should change our mindset.

Woman of inspiration

First and foremost, it’s my mother. Despite all, she did not give up on me or allow me to give up on myself. She is one person who has inspired me in more ways than one. Another woman I look up to is my elder sister. Besides taking care of me, she gives me a ride to wherever I need to go. I owe it to her for making things easier for me than they really are.

One act of change…

Being involved with Independent Living Centre as a board member has given me a way to fight for the rights of people with disabilities. Through this organisation and various seminars, I get to change the mentality of others towards people like me. I want to everyone to be aware that we are not disabled but differently abled individuals.

Best advice you have ever been given

Do something with your life.

Greatest fulfilment

I was recently awarded the Rastriya Yuva Pratibha Puraskar 2072. It has motivated me to do more.

Best part of being a woman…

We get to embrace our feminity. Also, make up!