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Women to Watch – 2016

Kritika Thapa

Vice President, Youth Thinkers’ Society Designation


Describing her journey in Youth Thinkers Society as rewarding, Kritika Thapa has become an important person in the MUN Society of Nepal. Using YTS to become confident and skilled herself, she wants her organisation to do the same for many aspiring youths of this Nation. Aiming to spread the MUN culture across Nepal, Kritika and her organisation carry out workshops for eager young people, teaching them valuable skills.

I am proud to be woman because…

We women have always been important figures of inspiration. We have always strived hard to achieve equal status with men despite having to fight for it. We withstand all the hardships and unfavourable environments, yet have the resilience and confidence to excel in our field of choice.

women-to-watch-Kritika-Thapa1Most significant barrier to female leadership

The most significant barrier to female leadership is the existing societal structure that is governed by patriarchal norms and values, e.g., most business houses are reluctant to hire women in top executive positions. I think this is a manifestation of the society that prescribes certain roles to males and certain roles to female.

Woman of inspiration

Undoubtedly, it is my mother, Sangeeta Rana Thapa. Since childhood I have seen my mother advocate and take action to promote and protect the rights of women and fight for their empowerment and for their equal status in society. Furthermore, she’s taught me to be confident, honest and believe in myself.

Biggest challenge for the next generation of women

I think there will be several challenges for women, but one challenge in particular is gender based violence in public space including the workplace. As more and more women come out of the homes and join the workforce, they need to take action to address harassment issues by speaking out.

Best advice you have ever been given

Never give less than your best.