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Women to Watch -2016

Lemii Tamang

Artist / Makeup Artist  


Makeup brushes are like magic wands to this pretty young woman who is currently one of the most sought after make-up artists. Her unbeatable passion for art led Lemii Tamang to sketch women’s faces and eventually experiment with makeup, blending and playing with colours. She is inspired by beauty. Her work is influenced by the person’s work, story and nature.
When not busy beautifying someone, Lemii delves into Thangka painting. She is currently doing research on it and wants to take it up professionally. She is loving her journey so far and is motivated to work harder.

I am proud to be a woman because…

Women are always more compassionate and are stronger emotionally. Every woman should be proud of their gender and treated equally with respect.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

One has to be able to make rational decisions. When it comes to leadership, doesn’t matter what gender. A strong and firm personality is needed for a woman to be recognised in her field.

Woman of inspiration

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She encourages me and guides me every single day. She has always told me to follow my dreams and passion. She has devoted her whole life to raising me and my sister, and helped us both design our path to success.

Biggest challenge for the next generation women

It is to keep up with all the changes that are happening around us, from technology to religion and then there’s people’s way of thinking which is now so different compared to how it was 10 years ago. So I think it can be harder for some women (especially housewives) to be in the same phase.

One act of change…

I’ve been lucky to get proper education, have a well settled family, and always had food on the table whenever I was hungry. But most people of my age don’t have the same opportunity and get to exercise the same rights. So, I really want to make a change, at least in someone’s life. It’s not only about donating large amounts of money, but trying to change a life for the better.