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Women to watch-2016

Smriti Tuladhar

Founder of Swiffles, home-made chocolates


While many wait to apply for jobs while they finish their BBA, Smriti Tuladhar decided to create one for herself. The founder of Swiffles customised homemade chocolates runs a busy schedule trying to maintain her studies while ensuring easy availability of her products in various outlets such as Himalayan Java, Dealsmandu and Nepbay. Besides business, this young entrepreneur is a social activist and has organised many events such as ‘Spreading Warmth’ where she collaborated with Nyano Sansar to distribute warm clothes and ‘Euta Gaau Hami Afai Banau’ a reconstruction sustainable development programme post earthquake.

I am proud to be a woman because…

Women are the strongest beings in the world. We are forgiving and compassionate, beautiful, strong and elegant. We have a good conscience and make amazing leaders who nurture and empower the people working with us.

Most significant barrier to female leadership

Patriarchal stereotyping of the society holds back women in Nepal. Women in our society are taught to be family oriented since childhood. Women are taught household chores to perfection and are often judged for it, yet this same teaching is not passed to the boys. Also, people judge the two genders differently – a woman who is professional and ambitious is labelled bossy or pushy, while a man is seldom associated with such negativity at the workplace. Therefore, it is a mental barrier that holds female leadership back around the world.

women-to-watch-Smriti-Tuladhar1Woman of inspiration

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of facebook inspires me. Two huge life lessons I learned from her is being a woman you need to sit at the table and bargain for what you deserve, be it right pay at work or sharing household work equally with your spouse. Secondly, don’t leave before its time: being a woman you should always take up leadership roles if you want to.

Biggest challenge for the next generation of women

I feel that the only challenge for the women is – regardless of anything – the need to embrace their individuality.

One act of change…

I believe change from within is the biggest change of all. When you are deeply connected with yourself, you take sole responsibility of the happenings and situations that you face in life. You know that they are the results of your own decisions and choices, that you have no one to blame for your failures.

An event that has significantly influenced your life…

The recent massive earthquake made me realise many things: I realized no matter how rich and strong when nature calls everyone is equal. We have come with nothing and leave with nothing. It’s the good deeds in your life that makes a difference. Now I am influenced to pursue work that makes a social difference.