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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Bhawana Tamang

Bhawana Tamang


Women are compelled to face much psychological and physical pain from society and from family but we should be able to convert that pain to power and fight for our rights to equality and success.

Bhawana Tamang has seen struggle and hardship up close but that did not deter her from fighting for a better tomorrow. Her parents were separated when she very young and her mother was left alone to raise three young children and no means. Bhawana saw her mother go through adversity and pain and promised herself that she would create a better tomorrow for her mother. Life was hard but she is thankful for the support of people who stood by their family when things were difficult. Among them is her god mother Angela, the person Bhawana deems as the angel in her life. She supported her in her academic and life journey and played an important role in making her dream comes true. She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to become a doctor and now is determined to further the chain of compassion to touch other lives. She says, “I may not be able to help everyone but if I am able to create one single Bhawana, I’ll feel my life’s goal has been achieved”.