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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Dolly Gurung Yakthumba

Dolly Gurung Yakthumba


Cancer is just a taboo. It is rather like any other virus which will come and go away if cured on time. It is not a death sentence. Fight and you will survive.

Dolly Gurung Yakthumba is a strong, independent and optimistic woman. She is not easily deterred by challenges or difficult circumstances. Dolly is widely known as the Wai Wai girl, one of Nepal’s first television models. Thereafter, she started out on an entrepreneurial journey, marriage and motherhood – all roles that she gives her 100 percent to.

Dolly was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. She not only chose to fight back but also decided to create positivity and encouragement for others. All days are not equal… so it is with cancer. Dolly tries to make the most of all her good days – she continues to live a full and active life doing all the things she loves. Trekking, travelling, food, family and friends top her list. She is active on social media and pictures of her at the hospital or out of it… exercising or indulging in a spa treatment, posts about good foods and right attitude are part of her awareness initiatives.
She wants to reach out to people who fear the disease and are overwhelmed by it. Her winning attitude is the ray of light that shines as an example of strength, courage and optimism.