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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Haushala Thapa Zimba

Haushala Thapa Zimba

Founder, Children & Youth First / Co-founder, Haushala Creatives

Face your fears and do what you think is right. Even if you fail… eventually failure will become success.

A free spirited and strong woman Haushala Thapa Zimba always enjoys challenges and being put out of her comfort zone. At a very young age she founded Children & Youth First with friends, an organisation that works for the rights of Nepal’s children, women and minorities. It started when they discovered an abusive orphanage in Kathmandu. With the help of the local community and police, they shut the orphanage down overnight and rescued all 14 children. Now CYF is home to 65 children. The boarding school caters to children who come from economically challenged families, children with single parents, and children of migrant workers. On the education they also believe that a family’s income should not be the barrier to the child’s education level or type of education.

Haushala is also co founder of Haushala Creatives which conducts skill trainings for women and produces hand crafted products. Functioning as a cooperative, the products are sold to help sustain CYF. They have recently also introduced a co-working space especially for women start-ups, entrepreneurs and travellers.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but every bit has been worth her time and effort, shares Haushala whose name means encouragement.