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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Mona Aditya

Mona Aditya

Alumni Affairs Manager, Teach for Nepal

As much as I would like to romanticise womanhood, I’d have to be honest by sharing that having a female body is challenging. But at the same time, learning more about a woman’s body and how it affects you as a person has been equally empowering.

Mona Aditya is working for Teach For Nepal as an Alumni Affairs Manager and finds it one of the most meaningful and impactful causes to work for. Mona finds TFN a journey of self evolvement and growth. She has served with diverse organisations, and has travelled and lived in extremely diverse conditions. But that is exactly what makes her tick – challenges and purpose.

People who do not give up on their chosen cause but consistently serve for years with humility and a learning attitude inspire her the most. A student of environmental sciences and sustainability, she wants people to go beyond the environment to think of sustainability also in their personal lives, not just in terms of resource use but also in terms of personal health and life management.

Happiness for her is finding peace with her current pace of life and the activities she loves like gardening, hiking and being somewhere she can smell the soil and flora!

“My twenties adventures has taught me plenty about life, family, love, friendships, society and the earth. I see myself as someone with a role to play in all. And at the moment I see myself learning to strike a balance in serving my multiple roles. Besides, I am usually extremely ready for new experiences. I am told that I am a typical Leo. I do end up becoming very passionate about the things I do…, ” she shares.