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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Nabina Lama

Nabina Lama

Chairperson, ANNFSU

Times have changed, many doors of opportunities are now open for women. Women must come out of their boundaries and grab these opportunities.

Nabina Lama entered politics at a very young age. Even as a young student, she was fearless in raising her voice for student rights whether it was for a library or computer education.
As a student and political activist, Nabina is today the Chairperson of the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), a student wing of the CPN (UML) party.

Deeply inspired by politics, she dreams of contributing to nation building and making a strong difference in the political arena of the country. For her, politics is the ability to rise above self, partisan and family interests while working for common goals and the underprivileged. Her focus is to create a strong voice for the youth of Nepal in national politics.

In politics, Nabina shares, it’s especially difficult for women to establish themselves successfully. Nabina has in many ways created a roadmap for young women to consider politics as a career. She is also striving for educational equality and economic sustainability of youth.