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WOMEN TO WATCH 2017 – Ranju Darshana

Ranju Darshana

Political Activist, Bibeksheel Nepali

Try to find the reason behind your existence and your role. Love Nepal, love your place not only from your facebook, tweet, status or photos but also from your ground behaviours and actions. Above all be a human before any other identity you have.

Ranju Darshana became a household name as a very young and determined candidate for the position of the capital’s Mayor at the recently concluded local body elections. Not many knew of her before then. Today, she finds her journey beautiful and empowering. Politics is the path she has chosen and it is not at all easy. To establish cultured politics and new changes, she is involved with Bibeeksheel Nepali. Determined, focused and a visionary Ranju dreams of making Nepal a better and happy place.

“Remember you are the most special creation of the creator who has the power to do anything. Believe in yourself, do what your heart asks you to unless it’s unethical. You are the power you have always searched outside. Your power is you standing in front of the mirror,” is her message to all women.