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Words… Silence … Time…

When someday time will cease as we know it, and when our journey ends as it will for all those born… what will really matter is that we lived well, we loved well, and we left this place better than we found it. I wish this wisdom could come to us when we are in the prime of our youth, when we feel invincible and have so much energy to accomplish so much more…

We spend a lot time on things that are not even that important to us. We spend time talking and impressing strangers or acquaintances neglecting those we love. We do things mechanically often, out of habit or fear or wanting to conform. We lose today in planning for a tomorrow that may never be. We forget to laugh, hug, enjoy the sky or feel the wind, we forget to appreciate music and books and great conversations. We eat but we do not savour, we talk but we do not really listen, we are here but are we really… And then when the time is gone, we talk about who and what we lost, but do we even really grieve and remember.

I have found a lot of dignity and strength in silence. No I have not stopped talking or fighting or debating… but I have understood the intensity of being in silence. Silence is that space of unlearning and learning. It is the only way I have found that I can connect to myself… to still everything around me and just to be.

We often make life harder and complicated than it really is. We seek meaning in everything and have lost the art of appreciation, humility, gratitude and acceptance. We want to be heard and seen and validated. And yet we are nothing.

An empty room and an empty mind are invaluable in today’s time where we are measured by what we have accumulated whether in words or material things. We are scared of blank slates, bare surroundings and people of few words. And when wisdom comes, it is often too late because the body cannot fulfill the aspirations of the free soul. It is old and time has run out. Is it not then important that we spend at least a few minutes with ourselves each day… and is it not essential that we do it now. Sit in silence and feel the truth of your existence. It needs no expression… It is always there.

Until the next issue,