WOW | Ed Page

Would we know happiness if it touched us?

As the night unfolds, I can hear the traffic below four floors, outside my window the streets dotted with moving lights, the honk of cars and two wheelers, people talking and laughing… some pensive and lost in deep thought… hurried steps and slow deliberate ones. The sky is an inky blue and a few stars gaze down. I am just winding up from work and I think to myself: where’s the happiness in the somber scene below… why are we rushing from one thing to another… how many of us actually gaze up at the sky… would we know happiness if it touched us lost in our electronic devices and the mad rush of achievement. Why are we so engrossed in the outer world that we forget to connect within. Are we really breathing, laughing, feeling, appreciating and thankful for this thing called life. Do we even for a moment feel the miracle of just truly being alive. Do we show up each day with the intention to be our best self. Do we live in the moment.

For most of us, our mornings begin in a rushed panic. The alarm rings and rings till it finally forces us out of our warm beds… we rush around half awake getting things done almost on a mechanical protocol. Can a day of purpose actually start like that?

I decided to research what are some of things that happy people do and here’s what I found, simple yet profound:

Wake up with a sense of gratitude. Start the day with love. This means that you are truly appreciative of life and all of its little treasures. Practice small acts of gratitude every single day. Enjoy the water you drink, savour each morsel, appreciate your family and friends. Play with your dog. Enjoy your work. Thank God.

Begin anew each morning. Yesterday may have been a complete failure but today is a new day for success and adventure. Individuals who aren’t ruined by one bad day are resilient creatures. It shows they have purpose and happiness.

Pray or meditate. Many of the happiest people are deeply spiritual. Prayer and meditation is a way of connecting with our innermost self and helps keep our mind focused while supporting inner peace. Ask yourself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

Keep things simple. Be prepared the night before for the day ahead. Don’t leave things half undone. A simple routine limits multitasking and ensures you give your best and within time. Multitasking while necessary sometimes can create stress and anxiety over the long run.

Exercise. Regular exercise boosts levels of health and wellbeing, relieves stress and can be fun. Willpower is strongest in the morning and if you start your day with exercise, you will have more energy and positivity for the day ahead.

Breathe in the air. Get out in the open and as close to nature as possible as often as you can… gardening, walking or simply enjoying a drive. This will leave you feeling revitalized and at peace with yourself. There is a certain kind of wisdom that comes with being a witness to your own life.

Just BE!