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Would you intervene if you see a man mistreating a woman?

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Photo: Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees/Sabina Mainali

Ahmed Dulla
Owner, Dulla TFT

If I would see a man mistreating a woman in public, I would definitely step in to give a piece of my mind to the man on how he is wrong to do this. And in all fairness, if a woman is physically abusing a man would be wrong too and I would stand up against such mistreatment.

Anup Ghimire
Serial Entrepreneur

I would definitely step in if I see a woman being mistreated by a man. Considering my nature, I would stand up against any kind of mistreatment against anyone. I believe in a world where everyone should be treated with respect regardless of gender or anything else.

Abhishek Bhakta Shrestha
Unit Head, merojob

I would step in weather it’s a man mistreating a woman or a woman mistreating a man. It’s not about how a man should never abuse a woman; it’s about how a person should never abuse another person. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. The moment a human being thinks s/he has the right to abuse others because they think they are superior to other person is the moment they prove they have no power. Step up and start taking initiatives in helping and making this world a better place.

Ajay Gurung
PR and Communication Manager, Deba Jyoti Group

It totally depends upon the scenario. If it is a stranger mistreating her, I would first wait before immediately reacting then step in if the lady is completely helpless to defend herself. If it is a spouse or a couple’s issue, I will not step forward unless the guy ends up being physically abusive. My reaction totally depends on the level of mistreatment. We don’t live in a movie where we have to act as a hero. So, I will first observe, understand and react if necessary or else just ignore it.

Anil Banskota
AVP Client Servicing Director, Wunderman Thompson Nepal

Firstly and rationally – What if it’s not what you see? Who is at fault? Why are they fighting? These are reasonable considerations before making the next move. So, I am driving along, and I see it happen, I’d of course stop at a safe distance then dial the Police first. Then I’d wildly imagine what John Wick, Rocky or Rajnikant would do to diffuse a situation like this, my heart suddenly pounding in my chest, while I wishfully think of being a hero and saving the day. John Wick would delicately neutralise the man with a pencil perhaps, Rocky hook and jab him to the ground and Rajni… let’s not even begin to imagine what he’d do. But in reality, these acts of heroism are farfetched, especially if you’re me, a family guy who hates to come home with his face bloodily redesigned by a knuckle punch. So, when the sudden reality finally hits me, that fist-fighting is not going to resolve this issue (by now the cops are probably reaching), I’d rally as many people nearby and approach them and try to ameliorate the situation through dialogue. The cops would have arrived by now and we have a judiciary system to take care of whoever is at fault. In other words – of course, yes!