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WOW Band Profile – 99 STITCHES

99 stitches is an experimental rock band which was formed in 2007 when the band members were teenagers. They are well known for their stage performances.

The band comprises of Anish Bomjan as the vocalist. He also plays the guitar. Bilash Khadgi is also vocalist while Roshan Bajracharya is on the bass guitar and Sunil Thapa on the drums.
The members share a dynamic relationship and are working towards establishing themselves as music professionals. They recognise that the path will not be easy but they are determined to make good music as long as they can.

How did the band get their name? They say, “The name was catchy and we felt like music stitches and heals every pain of the human brain so why not 99 STITCHES , music that sews torn hearts … We’re the 99 Stitches!”

by: Sonu Yonjan
location: RS MOTO, Gahanapokhari , Call :986-5135937