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WOW Band Profile – JATAYU

Music is a platform through which we feel we can make a difference and offer something new and interesting to our listeners.

Jatayu Records is a group of musicians and artists from different musical backgrounds. They came together as a group in 2015 but have been active since this year. As a band, they aspire to fuse ethnic and traditional music with western music. The band got viral on the internet when they uploaded their unique cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

The band is comprises of Abin Shakya who is the music producer and plays the keyboard, Nhuchhe Munikar as the skin percussionist, Nikesh Maharjan on the woodwind, Niran Dangol is also producer an plays both the guitar and the sitar, Palsang Lama is the vocalist and Samuel Gandarva plays the sarangi and erhu.

The call themselves Jatayu after the mythical bird from the Ramayana.

By: Sonu Yonjan
location: RS MOTO, Gahanapokhari , Call :986-5135937