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WOW Band Profile – Nude Terror

Nude Terror is a grindcore band formed in 2012. The band is highly influenced by bands from 80’s and 90’s .Nude Terror is one of the most popular band’s of the country for their hardcore punk and blend thrash metal music among the youth .

They released their debut album called Personality Disorder in December 2016 and have toured all the major cities of Nepal.

The and has four members: Akash Lamichhane on the drums, Anil Angdembe Limbu on the guitar, Anish Malla on bass guitar and Bishal Pradhan is the vocalist.

The primary focus of their music is social and political issues, gory subject matters as well as black humour. And this resonates with the youth who call them a revolutionary band. They have a strong fan following on social media and their concerts are a sell out. They are among the very few who have been able to perform internationally in countries like India, Japan, Thailand and USA.
The story behind their name, they say, “The name Nude Terror was derived from Nuke terror. We tried the name Nuke Terror but our country doesn’t have any nukes so that became a silly idea and we changed the name to Nude Terror. Nude Terror is inspired to create music based on everything happening right now whether it is protests, injustice, or celebration in the form of our jatras. We want to amplify the unheard voices. We want to share untold stories, silent screams and current thought patterns”.

by: Sonu Yonjan