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Smart & Spunky – SARUK TAMRAKAR

His character as Major Aakash did not get the girl in reel in the film Intu Mintu London Ma but he definitely swept many girls off their feet in real. Tall, dashing and talented Saruk Tamrakar is the Nepali film industry’s star to watch.

Describe yourself in three words…

Creative, smart and passionate.

What makes you the happiest…

When I get to travel.

Three things that the world does not know about Saruk…

I had a band in high school called ‘Definition’.
I was taking French classes but could only complete Level 1.
My first job was in an advertising agency as a Client Servicing Executive.

How much would you rate yourself on the 1-10 hotness meter?


How did you begin your journey as an actor?

My father is also an actor. Despite growing up in an environment where film shooting took place all the time, I was never interested. It was only after a short film I had done that I developed a huge respect and love for cinema. I starred in ‘Heroism’ directed by Sisan Baniya, a popular YouTube figure. We underwent sleepless nights trying to complete it. I showed it to my dad and he was extremely happy. He gave me a pat on my back and said I had done a good job. This is where it all started.

What do you like and dislike most about acting?

I love to get into the mind of the character and explore possibilities. I hate the long hours of shooting and waiting without food and water.

What would your dream project be?

I have something dark! I don’t know if everyone would like it and it is quite a challenge. I am not ready yet to reveal more about it.

Is there anyone in the industry that you consider a role model?

Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa and Bipin Karki.

Where do you see our movie industry in the next five years?

Growing better and getting the world’s attention.

Your character in Intu Mintu London Ma was loved by many. Are you in anyway similar to the character in real life?

Not at all, we are poles apart. We had a two-month long workshop where our director Renasha Rai and our workshop conductor Rajan Khatiwada shaped me as Major Aakash.

On your wishlist…

Jeep Wrangler

Five things you cannot live without…

  1. Movies and nachos
  2. Comfy sport shoes
  3. Loads of water
  4. Good music
  5. Travel

Can you cook?

Not really but I can make eggs, lentil and soups.


If you had to choose between work and relationship, what would it be?

Work is very important to me. I hope my professional life never interferes with my personal life.

What turns you on in a woman?

Innocence and her passion to do what she loves.

What turns you off in a woman?

Someone who tries too hard.

What is your take on one night stands?

Just treat women with respect.

Have you ever been hit on by the same sex? 

Yes and I take it as a compliment. He was a very good looking international model, so it was flattering.

What type of boyfriend are you?

I am a very good listener and advisor. I look forward to exploring a lot of things together.