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Strex brings international hair expert Jawed Habib to K-town

In December, Streax Professional organised the exclusive ‘Hair & Beyond’ event in Kathmandu. WOW’s Pabita Dahal interviewed Indian celebrity hair professional Jawed Habib who runs 400 salons across 92 cities in India. His name is registered in the Limca Book of the World Records with a feat of 410 non-stop hair cuts in 25 hours and 42 minutes. Excerpts of a conversation with the man with the magic touch.

You are an hair expert icon in Bollywood and other parts of the world, what are the skills that made you successful?

I know people call me hair expert but I love to call myself as a hair professional. I try to remain up-to-date and very creative. Most importantly I am always practical. I believe very much in education. Education can convert any art into a profession. I define hairdressers as hair doctors and feel that we should be able to cure our patients. This realisation is my skill.

What do you think the most important part of hair styling?

Hair styling has no meaning. Talking about Nepal and India, we have long hair and it can be boring to maintain. We have to be careful about how to maintain long hair and make it more glamorous. Glamour is colour and chemical but one wrong chemical can ruin the hair. So how hair can be healthier even after using chemical is our latest concern and hence we have to first educate people.

You are recognised for your innovative style, where do you derive ideas from?

You are my idea, your questions about hair are my idea and your hair is my idea. Your hair tells me what is wrong with your hair and that is my great idea. Ideas are not derived; they automatically come from encounters and interactions with people.

You have been in this industry for three decades, what changes you have observed?

The change is huge. Earlier hair styling was only hair cut, no one knew about colour. Then colour came, global colour came, eventually chemical came. I think the chemical is a tremendous change in the latest days.

What kind of work ethics do you follow?

Let’s not cheat and be very honest, let’s educate people is my ethics. My ethic is my profession and education that I want to provide.

Would you give us some tips on reducing hair fall?

Use shampoo once a day, before shampoo put some oil.