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Prerana Shah: My life as a Vegan

How did you become vegan?

I have been an animal lover since forever and it was a very easy transition for me to become vegetarian after I started my journey as a regular yoga practitioner. The more I became conscious about how food effects our body mind and soul, it was very clear to me that veganism is the only way I can be who I intended to be. It will be almost a year now that I am 80% raw vegan which might sound a bit extreme but this truly has changed my life and my perspective about food! If you say you are an animal lover and eat them, you are being a hypocrite. There is a big misconception that you need to eat meat for protein. Which is very deceiving and now there are many scientific proofs that eating meat can lead to various disease such as cancer, heart disease, obesity just to name a few. There are world class athletes who are vegans like Venus and Serena Williams, Mr. Universe Barnabas du Plessis, just to name a few. Raw veganism is one of the easiest way to good health!

prerana-shahIs it a difficult choice to stay with?

In terms of health, meat eaters have four times more breast cancer, 3.6 times more prostate cancer, four times more diabetes, and much more in general chronic disease. If you’re just having milk, that’s three times more leukemia. In a research called The China Study, they found that the more meat you eat, the more disease, whereas the more plant source food you get, the less disease. It’s just a fact, a scientific fact that meat protein is cancer producing to you. In diabetes of course the main cause is sugar, but we know that a meat, fish and chicken diet creates four times more diabetes because it creates insulin-resistance, which is called pre-diabetes. So there are all these connections that are very real, but that’s one thing. There are also other issues like cruelty to the animals, hunger in the world, ecological implications.

It was not difficult for me to stick to it after understanding all the pros and incorporating it in my life. And I love trying out new recipes and thanks to YouTube and google… it is not difficult at all to find new recipes.

What benefits have you noticed in yourself?

I have been Vegan for seven years now and going raw vegan was the most life changing experience. The first two weeks was massive detoxification and it was difficult. Since the third week there has been no looking back. I have never felt this light or energetic and it is not just the body… your mind starts operating in a total different way… your soul becomes calmer; we connect to the universal energy. I saw people reversing diabetes in three weeks, cancer patients getting better, it was like magic…. but in reality it is just nature nurturing us the way it was designed to. Out of all the animals on this planet earth except for humans none of the other animals cook their food. The more we go against the nature the more we become sick! When you cook food, you lose 50% of the protein, 70 to 80% of the vitamins and minerals and 95% of certain nutrients, so simply by eating raw or live food, you can eat half as much and you turn on all your anti-aging genes. On a spiritual level, when you’re eating raw food you’re eating the energy of the earth directly. When you cook the food you’re not getting the energy, and when you eat meat, the cow got the energy, not you. Eating live food connects you with the living planet.

Why is this important to you?

Holistic liberation is what my life journey has been all about in recent years but it had started since a long time unconsciously . The conscious consumption of raw living foods turns on the body’s innate healing processes. This creates a rapid healing response that allows the body to reverse many of the physiological degeneration processes that created disease in the first place. I was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2012 and my life journey has been magical since. It was like after the darkest period of time came the answer to what I have been looking for all my life.

Is it difficult to eat out with friends and socialise when you are vegan?

Absolutely not. Especially in Nepal we have so many vegan options. I enjoy a very good social life! And my friends are so used to ordering for me now.

Are you required to take vitamin and mineral supplements?

There are certain deficiencies that happen whether you’re meat eater or not. That’s why raw vegan B12 supplement is recommended. With live foods you have also more sex energy, you don’t need Viagra, because there isn’t heart disease clogging the arteries. You can be totally healthy on a plant source diet, and in fact you’re healthier and stronger. There are different constitutions (some people need more protein, others less) and you have to do it carefully. Live food like is jet fuel. Your circulation is good so sexual energy works much better too.

Some simple food choices you typically eat everyday…

Chia pudding is like a staple for my family. We do loads of vegetable juicing, sprouts and salads, seasonal fruits, dried fruits, coconut milk, almond milk, hemp seeds, pumpkin, watermelon seeds for snacks. Normal Nepali tarkari with my raw sprouts instead of rice, and fermented pickle as probiotic. My diet is 80% raw and 20% cooked.

Could you tell us a little more about many of the choices you have made – yoga, healing, veganism, animal activist, Y.O.U a social and environment friendly business?

Spiritual awakening which was very gradual led me to yoga and reiki healing, and then one thing lead to another. Today we have a culture in which people are disconnected from the Earth, and therefore create lots of ecological damage to the planet. Reconnecting to nature and loving ourselves and our environment has been something that I want people to be aware of and my work has been revolving around it. From my eco- friendly rattan furniture business to our new venture of fashion clothing line Y.O.U (Yoginis Of Universe) is just an eye opener to people to make conscious choices for a better and healthier life for themselves and the planet.