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WOW WOMEN 2018 – Akanchha Karki

Akanchha Karki
Founder, Katha Ghera

Akancha Karki is a theatre practitioner, counselling psychologist, and a lover of arts and aesthetics. She holds a Masters degree in Science specialising in Counselling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She founded Katha Ghera, where audiences share their life stories and performers act on the spot. Talented, sensitive, open minded and unafraid are just some words that come to mind while defining Akanchha who works with the meaningful vision of touching lives.

What does your work mean to you?

My work is the incentive for me to wake up every morning. It’s something I enjoy with all of my heart. It’s a space where I can be myself, and where I meet beautiful and inspiring human beings everyday

An example of a defining moment in your work…

There are so many. When after a play, the audience comes and hugs you and tells you that they are moved, are in tears or tell you their life just changed a little bit. Or a client you’ve worked with years ago sends you her acceptance letter for Arts College, expressing gratitude for helping her find herself. Watching young kids open up through theatre, and feel significant.

What did you learn from 2017?

You cannot save everyone, sometimes they need to save themselves and you need to breathe. All good things need patience, perseverance and honesty.

What are your areas of focus going to be for the New Year?

Launching the theatre space that will be the primary workspace for Katha Ghera. Engage more clients in counselling and directing at least three meaningful plays. Travelling with playback theatre and stories. Collect Nepali stories of women for next year’s Vagina Monologues. Theatre evening sessions for working people who want to learn the art and also de-stress. Travel and engage with local communities.

How do you define success?

Feeling content, calm yet never retiring. Striving for quality and touching people’s lives, in the smallest way you can.

What are the qualities that inspire you in a woman?

Women who support other women, friends who are proud of you and with whom you share a complementary relationship. Sensitive, passionate women who are not afraid to speak or be themselves. Brave women who fight the social oppressions everyday so we can have freer lives.

What is the best thing about being YOU?

I feel too much. And I am very hard on myself. Both are negative sounding qualities, but they help me work and be better.

If you could choose one thing that you can change in Nepal, what would it be?

Patriarchy and the internalised cops in the head that have been implanted in our minds for years.

Three qualities in a WOW woman…

Genuine, sensitive, unafraid.