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WOW WOMEN 2018 – Nagma Shrestha

Nagma Shrestha
First Miss Nepal to compete in Miss Universe pageant

Nagma Shrestha recently participated in Miss Universe 2017 and is the first Nepali woman to represent Nepal in this highly acclaimed international pageant held in the United States. She had previously also represented Nepal in Miss Earth paegent in 2012 in Philippines. She is the Goodwill Ambassador of Child Reach Nepal and Ujyalo Foundation besides being actively engaged in social work.

What does your work mean to you?

I do what work means to me. I have been involved with pageants since a very long time. It makes me passionate and happy. I have been participating in pageants since 2008. Till date I have done seven different pageants on the national and international levels. I see myself as a pageant lover and maybe in the years to follow, I see myself as a mentor or trainer. Young women who want to represent the nation in the international arena are the ones to inspire me the most. My work will definitely focus on getting them prepared for international pageants.

What did you learn from 2017?

2017 year was the most challenging year for me. My dad used to say “life is a challenge and you need to fight for it. And God only gives challenges to those people who have the strength to overcome it and actually conquer it.”

Since the beginning of 2017, my major focus was getting in touch with the Miss Universe people. I was in the States for almost 4-5 months. During that time, I worked there as host, choreographer, and as a judge for different pageants. I was there connecting the Miss Universe organisation with The Hidden Treasure here. These things have been the turning point in my life because I learned so many things.

In September, I was officially announced Miss Nepal Universe here. From that moment on, my journey began and the preparation phase started. Since it was the first time for Nepal, people had lots of expectations from me and there was a huge pressure on me. But more than that I wanted to prove myself!

I learned many things from this journey. And the four P’s that I will follow throughout my life are: patience, perseverance, persistence and most importantly passion.

2017 was a dream come true in my life. I realised if you really do believe in yourself, your dreams can come true. Now I am not scared of anything, I am ready to dream again!

What are your areas of focus going to be for the New Year?

I am really passionate about pageants. I want to open a pageant school in Nepal since no such institution has been founded here as yet. Even though it’s a long term goal, in the meantime, I will immerse myself into getting more training, ideas and experience to make this into a successful reality.

Who do you think is a women to watch from Nepal…or what are qualities that inspire you in a woman?

I am blessed with amazing friends in my life. Among them are my very close friends Shristi and Subekshya. They have been doing amazing things in their life. They always inspire me. I have encountered so many amazing women – in modelling and in the business sector. They have worked so hard to reach where they are.

I think women to look out for would be those women who actually work hard and achieve what they want in life. They are the ones to inspire me the most.

What is the best thing about being you?

The best thing about being me is that I believe in myself and I am committed to bettering myself all the time.

If you could choose one thing that you can change in Nepal, what would it be?

I really want to change the stereotypical thinking about beauty pageants. I want people to respect beauty pageants and especially girls and women who participate in them. A beauty pageant does not just mean that you are being showcased on national or international levels just for your beauty or looks. It is about more than just looks.

Three qualities in a WOW woman

Passionate, hard working and a dreamer.