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X-pose Nepal celebrates 12th anniversary

On September 26, X-pose Nepal, an NGO that has been working in the field of menstrual hygiene celebrated its 12th anniversary with the slogan ‘Let’s speak about dignified and hygienic menstruation. The organisation is currently selling 2500 reusable pads per month. By 2020, they plan to sell the pads through 77 shops in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Biratnagar.

At the event, the organisation’s Chairperson Gyan Maharjan shared, “We have trained more than 1700 women in making reusable sanitary pads.” He further shared that the organisation has been providing free training for single and marginalised women. Chief guest, Thama Maya Thapa, Minister of Women, Children and Senior Citizens said, “Misconceptions about menstruation should be cleared by raising awareness.” She informed that the federal government has brought a policy to distribute sanitary pads in schools and this policy would be implemented in collaboration with the local government.