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YOU are creation in motion

I don’t know about you, but 2016 was not the easiest year for me. It was full, full, full… of new opportunities and of endings. Normally enthusiastic for marking important moments, I haven’t felt the pull to do so this January. It hasn’t yet felt like a beginning nor like a clear closure. The pieces of what is over and of whatever is left of 2016 are strewn on my lap. I look at people around me. They are seemingly so keen to start anew, so clear about where they are going, about what calls them. Bow in hand, they have started shooting their arrows of desires and visions off into space and time… my arrow has not yet found its quiver.

YOU-are-creation-in-motionSo this is my lesson of the moment, at this numerological juncture of time, the New Year: Be present with what is and trust that everything has its own rhythm and time. Do not force things to begin before they are ready to be birthed. Do not push things to end for the sake of “getting it over with”. The course of your life and all of its seasons and experiences have their own pace. You are creation in motion. Be mindful of the external markers that indicate junctions – birth dates, full moons, new moons, eka dasis, New Years, planetary shifts, the risings and settings of the Sun. Be mindful of these. And, at the same time, notice, feel, and breathe the galaxy within you. Be brave enough to sit in stillness. Wait. Get quiet. Listen. Take all of the time you need until you sense the constellations of thoughts, memories, visions, gifts and wounds in your being in this moment; until you hear your own heart beating; until you discern, amidst the clamour in your head, the whisper of your voice – your very own personal direct download of the All Knowing. It doesn’t necessarily speak in fireworks or eurekas. Nor will it always make your spine tingle. But when you do hear it, even in the shortest moments, you will know it. Without doubt. It feels like Home. It is Home. Effortless. As familiar as the air you breathe.

So here is to you finding the way to your own beat and dancing your best dance yet: Your Own.

LISA-GAUTSCHILISA GAUTSCHI (Yogatara) is a Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Psychologist, and the Director of Isha Institute, Jhamsikhel – a centre for holistic learning and conscious living.