WOW | Ed Page

You are never alone

Everything is so transient. Yet you think you have everything in control… for some, the day is even planned to the minute and then something happens to change it all, to challenge and break you, to test and compel you.

My limits have been tested several times in life… to the point that I have wanted to hide my head between my knees and say I give up, I can’t take it anymore. And just then a small voice in my soul whispers, it’ll get better, you are stronger than you know. And as the moment passes and I can breathe through the storm, I understand from the depths of my being that I am never alone. I am a witness to my own life and I am always guided by something strong and powerful, courageous and beautiful that will never allow me to give up.

Even through our deepest, darkest moments, we are never alone. It may feel like it. Circumstances may ravage you, challenge your sanity, throw you into the depths of despair, test your mettle again and again… but you are good as long as you let that little place inside you remain untouched.

I have always turned to nature to find that place within me… I look at the trees, feel the sunlight and the wind, see life unfolding in a beautiful symphony around me, and I feel strong and privileged to be a part of this world.

It really is a gift to be a human being with the ability to experience life… and no amount of hardship, pain or difficulties can take away from the privilege of being alive.

And I think when you are tested like this, you also understand the world better, you understand that life is not all good or bad… there are so many shades in between. And above all you own your journey.

Until the next issue,