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What are some of the country’s best web designers doing

As the digital face of your company, your site must convey what you stand for and what sets you apart from your competitors. Does your website say it all? If not, you’re missing out on a potential growth opportunity because this vital piece of marketing can help to convert first-time visitors into loyal, lifelong customers. Here, WOW talks to handpicked web designers who are known to be on top of their game.

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Text: Ankita Jain
Photos: Gokul Shrees

Suman Maharjan

For Suman Maharjan, the website is a canvas where every individual serves as a storyteller. Starting his career in 2010, Suman has worked on several projects that he has now lost count of. Though he refers to all his works as his best, the recent addition to his profile like the website design of Alice Reception is his favourite.

33 year old Suman’s expertise lies in HTML/CSS/Javascript, design tools, design sense, responsive design, etc. Before presenting the cost estimation of any project, there are a few things he considers. “It’s most important to understand the details of a project, the business goals, the client’s ideas, type of website, design, and technology requirements,” he says.

The key elements of his designs include visual designs, responsive layout, colour schemes, navigation, typography, user friendly, call to action, and speed optimisation.

Talking about the current demand, he shares, “Currently, the IT industry is full of opportunities for web design as the demand and growth are rising with the proliferation of broadband and mobile internet connection have made the internet extremely powerful which contributes to strong industry growth”.

Subash Dharel

Computers and technology fascinated Subash Dharel since childhood. “I was always good at art and creativity. After my high school, the future of web and technology seemed even more promising and web-designing developed into my passion,” Subash recalls. Having worked in more than a hundred projects, Subash’s expertise lies in web designing, UI, UX, and Front-end. He’s worked with startups like ‘Geteco, eTherapi, Listbingo, and NTTY, helping them with design tasks like interfaces for web, mobile, and print as well as front-end feature development. He also co-owns a web design agency where he works closely with designers and developers, serving startups and online marketing companies.

As a freelancer, 32 year old Subash charges his clients either on an hourly or fixed-price basis. The key elements of his designs include grid, colour, shapes, space, form, conversion-oriented information architecture, branding, and turnaround time.

Emphasising on the ever-growing demand of web designers, he says, “Since more people are at home due to lockdown and quarantine, they are immensely investing in their digital presence”. Currently he is working on developing a digital products. “I’d love to add a product-based income stream,” he shares.

Ishu Subedi

Back in 2013, Ishu Subedi co-founded Woof Web Studio in the capital. The idea was that she would handle sales and marketing and her partner would take care of the technical aspects of the company. It was a two-man band. Soon, they got flooded with work and Ishu began to try her hands on designing. “Clients loved my work and it motivated me to do better. This way, I shifted my career to UI/UX from sales and marketing,” she shares. Her expertise is in design conversion oriented landing pages and sales pages for products and services. Ishu has completed more than 50 projects. Her best designs comprise admin interfaces and dashboard for social media management.

While designing any web page, Ishu makes sure that her key design elements are an integral part of the art. “Conversion oriented principles of a successful landing page, form for lead capture, shapes, brand, color, grid, pictures, call-to-action-buttons, arrows that trigger action and a good copy structure works as my signature,” she smiles.

A landing page with an action plan is what she refers to as a hot cake. “Landing pages and sales pages are the marketing pages that customer takes through the google, Facebook, and other social media ads. Since social media advertisements are thriving, landing and sales pages with an action plan are selling like hot-cakes,” she explains. Ishu works on an hourly basis or fixed price basis.

Shirish Raj Shikhrakar

Shirish Raj Shikhrakar was always interested in design since a kid. Shirish created his first HTML webpage when he was in grade six. “I used to spend hours trying to create the perfect interface. Since then I have been trying to craft beautiful interfaces for both web and mobile,” he recalls.

27 year old Shirish started his career as a Javascript Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, realised his interest in designing and soon abandoned coding completely. “The first project I did was for a silicon valley startup called onTarget where I had to come up with solutions for construction project management. That was when I realised that I wanted to dedicate myself to design, and everything fell into place,” he shares.

Shirish currently specialises in experience and interface design and works as a Lead Designer at “My job is to find the balance between aesthetics and usability. Making pretty designs is one thing but creating experiences that the users can appreciate is a whole different story. A fancy landing page is not so useful if it doesn’t convert visitors to subscribers,” he says.

Shirish uses a data-driven approach to deliver experiences that aids users achieve their goals which is clearly witnessed in his latest work for Programiz. Focusing on the most important feature of the company, Shirish’s design includes a minimal approach with hand-drawn artworks to create visual interest. “The goal of my design is to create an easy flow for viewers who visit the website to learn programming,” he adds.

Before Programiz, he worked for several startups such as Traktivity, Dropisle, Agentics, etc to develop their internal web apps. Further, he has completed 25 plus projects.

Shirish’s project quote is based on two major factors: project complexity and allocated time ,and he likes to describe his design style as minimal. “I like a clean and simple approach to my craft. To achieve minimalism, I use a lot of white spaces to create focus. However, this can make the interface look a bit washed out and dull. To balance this out I like to incorporate hand-drawn artworks to create a point of visual interest and uniqueness. Also I prioritise function over form in my designs,” he tells. His designs can be found in as well.

To promote user experience design in Nepal, Shirish has started a new website where he writes design tutorials. “The goal is to help beginners learn about design foundations in detail. My vision is to train elite designers who can make world-class products from Nepal,” he says.