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EmpowHER is a one of its kind platform that gives women in Nepal a sense of purpose and a learning platform to hone their skills for wider good. Initiated in 2015, EmpowHER’s goal is to increase the number of young women in leadership and decision making roles in Nepal. Aiming to create a world where 50 percent of leaders are women who can impact positive changes, it is in its third year. WOW presents the 2017 cohort on what they think equality means. Here’s what they had to say:

Prarthana Saakha - 21, Leo ( Winner )

Equality is when I am given a place not because I am a ‘girl’ but because I ‘deserve’ it. We don’t compare, we just be the best version of ourselves.

Impact project: Prayas. It trains youths of 10 different colleges in Kathmandu through a professional safety course designed for the roads of Nepal. It is to sensitize young drivers on proper and safe riding etiquette and skills so that the number of causalities in road accidents reduces by 30-40%.

Nancy Agrawal - 24, Gemini (Winner)

For me equality is balancing genders without considering either one of them as superior or inferior. Equality with equity is something I have always believed in.

Impact project: Sutradhar. The project acts as a bridge between the needy and the prosperous providing strength to people who face similar hardships through recounting their stories via television.

Pabitra Majhi - 28, Scorpio (Winner)

Equality is equal rights and accessibility to services and basic human needs, regardless of age, gender or religion.

Impact project : Sahasi.  Aims to provide non-formal education and awareness on different social issues even while working on capacity building of underprivileged and disadvantaged married women of Ishworpur municipality in Sarlahi district.

Sarita Purkoti - 20, Aquarius

For me equality means no discrimination.

Impact project: Women Involvement In Agriculture. It aims to work with five marginalised women of Lamatar to make them economically independent by doing seasonal farming in small areas of land.

Aneeta Dahal - 28, Capricorn

To give equal chance to men and women in every aspect without any bias is equality for me.

Impact project: Menstrual Awareness. Linking it with girls’ health and education to makes girls aware about sanitary hygiene and training them to make their own sanitary pads. This project is designed for the betterment of women’s health, economic status and the environment.

Anjana Jarga Magar - 19, Cancer

Equality doesn’t mean providing equal opportunity to both male and female. For me, it means providing equal opportunity to people in such a way that the result from each person can be the same.

Impact project: Women’s Creativity. The project aims to provide employment opportunities in the handicraft sector and a platform for women where to show their creativity.

Ichhya KC - 29, Gemini

Equality is the right to live with dignity and respect.

Impact project: Uttshaha. It is a home centre of single women with disabilities with an aim to provide job opportunities and guidance about their rights, leading a dignified life and importance of economic empowerment.

Angela Shrestha - 23, Taurus

Equality means everyone is treated the way they should be.

Impact project: Hamro Avash. A project to revive home stay tourism in Sermathang village and to promote Helambu as a tourist destination.

Manusmriti Baral - 22, Virgo

Equality for me is equal opportunity.

Impact project: Yatra. A project designed to create women’s awareness on legal rights through photo exhibitions.

Suraksha Shrestha - 21, Aries

Equality is fairness and justice. It is when people feel socially connected regardless of their position and power.

Impact project: Hastakala. Aims to empower women of Sankhuwasabha through training in paper handicraft to create a personal source of income.

Nuchchu Hangma Rai - 25, Capricorn

Equality is when people are treated equally especially on status, opportunities and rights.

Impact project: Batika. Aims to provide life skills in hospitality management and interior decoration to women of DobaneFedi, Bhojpur to help them uplift their social, cultural and economic status by setting up home stays.

Keshu Khadka - 24, Sagittarius

Equality is when opportunities and facilities are alike for all people irrespective of their gender, economic status and location. Equality is when privilege becomes a matter not of birth but of proficiency.

Impact project: Syahar Sansaar.  It aims to provide women labourers and workers with care and support through a combination of health, entrepreneurship and empowerment. It also meet their pregnancy and delivery needs and help them sustain their livelihood in a simpler way.

Nancy Sherpa - 23, Leo

Equality means freedom to do things without being judged just because I am a girl.

Impact project: Shakti. Aims for economic empowerment of home makers by providing them skills in jewellery making during leisure hours and helping sell the products.

Pradhanya Yonzon - 23, Scorpio

Equality to me is being equal, treated equal, and seen as equal in every social, economic, legal and political aspect in personal as well as interpersonal sphere.

Impact project: Prayas Pariwartan Ko Lagi. Aims to raise awareness among young girls, aged 13-15 , about the importance of becoming financially independent and having power over the major decisions in life like education advancement, career and marriage.