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Your nail shape says a lot about you !

Almond nails are very slenderizing, quite sexy and still keep your nails strong.The go-to for most women, almond nails are also known to show off jewelry with style. Speaks about a chic woman!

The shape is often associated with free-spirited types who love to experiment with fun fashion and beauty looks.

A well-kept squoval manicure evokes a sense of effortless elegance, which is both understated and chic.

OvalThe long oval shape is more utilitarian than others, since the edges are least prone to breaking when you go about your daily life – from texting and washing dishes, to reaching into your bag to grab your keys. Reflects an easy going person.

stilettoVery ladylike, but with an edge. The sharper, the better!

coffinNothing is sexier than a set of nude coffin nails, its super classy and chic.