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Style Divas

Yubi Thapa
Fashion Designer

Name of the person you are nominating
Priyanka Karki

Why do you think she is a style diva
She is such an admirable style diva. Her personality, confidence and self expression make her a true diva. She is so comfortable with what she does and carries herself with class. She is also very professional and competent. The one thing I like the most about her is that she knows what she wants, and revels in being high maintenance. All these diva characteristics make her stand out from the rest.

What are the key attributes that make her stylish
Trendy, graceful and elegant

What does the word ‘style diva’ mean to you
For me a style diva is someone who can stand out from the rest. They own the title and people try to copy them.

Your personal style
Trendy class and comfort.