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Zero Tolerance On Social Media Abuse

Reddit case ‘Bois Locker Room’

The ‘Bois Locker room’ controversy erupted in India recently after a conversation among a group of teenagers from Delhi came out into the open where some males were found engaging in extremely inappropriate discussion about women. Subsequently, the Police had registered a case on the matter and started investigating it. Now, reports are coming in that at least one screenshot where an account called ‘Siddharth’ was suggesting the rape of a girl was being run by the same girl.

As per reports, “The purpose of her sending such chat messages using a fake, fictional identity was to check the reaction of the receiver boy and the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about the girl herself.”

Text: Ankita Jain
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar, Gokul Shrees, Sabina Mainali


Zero Tolerance campaign is a non-violent movement initiated against incompetent leaders, nepotism, inequality, impunity, corruption, and other inequalities. It is against cyberspace insecurity together for a better society. This campaign is essential particularly to raise awareness in a society like ours where sexual harassment, violence, and impunity have been deeply ingrained. I think we need to talk more and raise our voice against these issues so that more people comprehend what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to sensitive matters. Zero Tolerance Campaign is a common voice on different issues that we can tolerate no more.

Often we close our eyes when facing rampant objectification and sexualisation on social media, but until and unless we boldly face them, things are not going to change. We need to obliterate the perceived fear. Those who objectify and harass women in social media need to be exposed, need to be reported and if needed, we should go for legal action.

Our jokes and comments are also a reflection of our thoughts. In the beginning, we take it lightly and ignore it but with time, it seems normal. It’s no secret that we have been raised with toxic masculinity. We must accept it. Now is the time to reflect and realise that what is not normal but rather is abusive and toxic. The change can start in our homes. Let’s start with ourselves. Let’s start ‘zero tolerance’ and let’s discard misogyny in every form. The way we deal with our personal, social, and professional life will bring a big change cumulatively.